Martin Snider Photography: Special Guest Post

Alexis Marie: We continue the InFocus Alumni photography blog series with photographer Martin Snider. Martin has a unique perspective on the world and I’m glad he is sharing it with us.

Welcome Martin!




Thinking back, I can remember those frigid mornings spent on the barren prairies of the greater CFB Wainwright training area.  I watched the brilliant pinks and oranges set fire to the sky as the sun would crest the horizon, spilling rays of light onto the frost covered blades of grass below.  At the time such scenes were not often the object of my focus, however, I can recall them vividly now.  On occasion though, the opportunity might arise long enough for me to snap a quick picture to send back home, serving as a postcard to a world beyond my immediate one. Without even realizing it at the time, that’s where my romance with the lens and world began.

Copyright Martin Snider

Copyright Martin Snider

Its been a little while now, since that chapter of snapping covert sunrise cell phone pics began. In the mean time a lot has changed. The learning curve was pretty steep for someone who’s photographic experience had been limited to taking maybe 5 rolls of film in their life (with an old film point and shoot none the less). Through much trial and error, as well as guidance from colleagues and friends, an image of my place in the photo scene is now starting to develop.

As a rookie to this, I have been infinitely fortunate in working along side some incredibly talented individuals. They have greatly aided in inspiring me, as well as guiding my course in the right direction.  Being one of the featured artists in this past years InFocus YEG exhibition, has to date been one of the largest contributing factors in encouraging me to pursue my dream of becoming a professional photographer. Receiving such recognition has only given validity to my experiment in challenging perspective, while at the same time practicing my technique and creativity.

Copyright Martin Snider

Copyright Martin Snider

Modern technology and social media have also been highly instrumental in aiding my attempts at visual story telling.  Through Instagram I’ve collected a catalogue of photos, documenting my travels, as well as moments from my day to day life.  Included in this album are various highlights from a summer spent adventuring through British Columbia’s interior as well as Vancouver Island and the American Pacific North West.  At this time I’m looking forward to utilizing social media further by incorporating Tumblr and Snapchat to share more of the story behind the photos.

To be able to wake up every day and live out your passion, all the while being the person who you were made to be, is the ultimate goal for me.  In my eyes, that’s what true freedom is.  To communicate the beauty and mystery in life through an image is what continues to give these attempts meaning and provides the drive which always draws my best foot forward.  Hopefully that shows through my work and breathes authenticity in each photo.

Copyright Martin Snider

Copyright Martin Snider


Life is a story, how will you tell yours?


Best Regards,

Martin Snider


Facebook: M. Snider Photography

Instagram: @after.mars


Snapchat: mjrsnider


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