Unfulfilled Precognition

“Unfulfilled Precognition” is a body of image-based artwork created using a Holga camera in the school of photographic thought called Lomography. I embraced the faulty features of the camera – such as light seepage, inability to focus, and motion blur – as a metaphor for that season of my life. I paired the Holga with expired medium format film. The series documents the time leading up to and following the death of my son, Zachary, at birth.

“Unfulfilled Precognition” has been exhibited internationally. In the works is a hybrid art book combining the photographs, illustrations, and prose poetry that comprise the larger body of work.

Below is a sample of the hundreds of images in the series.

To exhibit, publish or purchase photographs from “Unfulfilled Precognition,” please contact me, Alexis Marie Chute, at info@alexismariechute.com