Ultimate Book Launch Checklist + Coping with Stress through Self-Care

It’s 14 days till my novel Below the Moon—book two in The 8th Island Trilogy—is released! I am freaking out a bit. 14 days might sound like lots of time, but it’s not ladies and gentlemen. It’s not. 14 days is a breath! It’s going to fly by, and I have so much to do!

I know, I know. I’m being dramatic!

Seriously though, there is real stress here lol. As an “indie” author, aka “independent” author, the buck stops with me. I feel the pressure to do everything I can to launch my book into the world as successfully as I can, just like I did with my kids at the beginning of the school year one month ago.

I feel this is a fitting time to update the people in my life of exactly what goes into a book launch. This also serves to help me organize myself, which helps with stress (win-win), AND can be a tool for other writers and authors looking for a handy checklist (win-win-win). PLUS (!!), I am a graphic design junkie, so this proved another opportunity to make something pretty! Yahoo!

Fill out your name and email below and I’ll send you my Book Launch Checklist that outlines the must-do activities for:

  • 6 months pre-launch
  • 3 months pre-launch
  • 1 month pre-launch
  • Launch day, and
  • Post-launch

BONUS: I’ve included a hand BOOK PARTY PREP section in this checklist too.

If you’re an writer-author, download and enjoy!!

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(Now that gives me an idea: Make a “Friends and Family Support Checklist to Help the Author in your Life” graphic. Stay tuned on this!!)

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I feel like I am forgetting a million things as I prepare to release Below the Moon. Not literally a million, but a lot. This might always be the case, however, when launching a book. There will always be this feeling that we authors should be doing more because, after all, this is our book baby. We love it and want others to love it too.

If I’ve forgotten something on this list, please email me and let me know (info@alexismariechute.com). Together we’ll build the ultimate checklist and get ‘er done!

Okay, I recognize that I can’t do everything. If I am Superwoman, stress is my kryptonite. I bet it is for you too. Stress sabotages not only our work but also our health. Balance is bogus, but taking care of ourselves is critical—especially with a book coming out!

Here is my “Stress Survival Guide,” which contains everything I do to chill the f*&$ out and be sane in stressful seasons. And I use the word SEASONS intentionally. For me, this is a final push, a big crunch time, but this too shall pass. Try to remember that when you’re in a similar deadline-ridden time.

I hope the following points help.


  • Take a deep breath. Everything will be okay.
  • Get enough sleep. Napping is your friend.
  • Start the day with sunlight, activity, water, and positive self-talk.
  • Adopt a motivating mantra to keep you focused.
  • Take breaks and eat healthy snacks.
  • Surround yourself with people who build you up.
  • Take downtime. No excuses.
  • Take a hot bath with Epsom salts.
  • Read a book FOR PLEASURE!!!
  • Light a candle, a stick of incense, or use essential oils.
  • Get out into nature and soak it in.
  • Exercise and stretch. Build this into your routine.
  • Celebrate your successes and learn from your failures.
  • Repeat daily : )

Below are a few events and opportunities for you. Enjoy!

What: Below The moon officially hits shelves October 15 and we want to celebrate with you!

When: Saturday, November 2, 2019

Location: Audrey’s Books ,10702 Jasper Ave, Edmonton, AB T5J 3J5

Details: Join us from 2-4 pm. There will be a reading from Below The Moon,  followed by an Author Q&A and booksigning

This is a family friendly event so grab the kids and come on down to Audrey’s Books and show your support for literacy and our local independent bookstores!


Caught in a web of betrayal, mistaken identities, secrets, and love triangles, Ella, Tessa, and Archie must overcome their troubled pasts to ensure a future for all worlds. On this journey―armed with unearthly abilities and unexpected allies―each member of the Wellsley family will learn the power of love in the face of their greatest fears.


Order Below the Moon from your local bookstore

Request Below the Moon at your local library

World Space Week

October 4 – 10

It’s out of this world!

I have developed a love of astronomy since naming my books Above the Star, Below the Moon, and Inside the Sun.

Here are some of my space-themed videos.

Please subscribe to my YouTube channel!


Deadline approaching! Enter now!



  1. Build your photography CV
  2. Exhibit your work at the Renaissance Edmonton International Airport Hotel 
  3. Be in the running for the People’s Choice Award
  4. Launch your photo career
  5. Have your work seen by distinguished Canadian curator, Alexis Marie Chute
  6. Network with other professionals
  7. Volunteer and get experience mounting an exhibition.
  8. Attend the opening reception & curator talk
  9. Participate in the portfolio reviews with leaders in the field
  10. Sell your work!

Okay, signing off for now. There are a few points on the checklist that demand my attention! lol

Thanks for reading!

   –   Alexis Marie Chute