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People ask me all the time: What do you do? I always take a deep breath. I start out by preparing them for the list I am about to rattle off: “I do a lot of things… I am a painter, photographer, writer, author, filmmaker and curator.” Usually this is the time when the person listening takes a deep breath.

Most people vaguely know what my career as an artist and writer entail, but not so much for the “curator” job description. I curate InFocus Photography Exhibition and Awards. Aside from organizing the exhibition and programming (a monumental job!), I select or “curate” the photographs that are included in the show.

Why I am qualified to curate the show:

  • I have been a professional photographer for fifteen years working in almost every type of photography imaginable. I have won many awards for my work over that time, including being named an “Emerging Canadian Photographer” by Photo Life Magazine in 2012. I have published and exhibited my photography in too many places to name in this brief list : ) To see my abbreviated CV, please click here.
  • I have my Bachelors of Fine Art in Art and Design from the University of Alberta. During that degree, I studied how to take amazing photographs (processing my own film and negatives), as well as studying the history of photography, particularly Canadian photography.
  • I have my Masters of Fine Art in Creative Writing from Lesley University in Cambridge, MA, just outside of Boston. During my graduate work, I did a great deal of writing about art and the creative process. I also studied word-and-image and worked on a photographic book.
  • I often write for various publications on art, photography, and creativity. This critical writing has been published in print and online around the world.

Here is a little history about how I got started as a Curator. Really, it all harkens to the fact that I “Say YES to LIFE.” This is one of my mantras. When I see an opportunity, I jump on it. I believe life is short and that following my passions – and helping others – equals a thrilling way to spend my time.

InFocus Photo Submission Deadline:

Sunday, October 29, 11:59pm

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MISSION: To promote and exhibit innovative, thoughtful, and provocative photography created by CANADIAN contemporary image makers.


InFocus Photo, an annual photography exhibition, was born!

My husband and fellow creative entrepreneur at Alexis Marie Productions Inc. – Aaron Chute – and I came up with the idea for InFocus. We were sitting across a table at a restaurant in Kelowna, British Columbia. We were reflecting on all the awesome milestones I had reached in my 15-year career as a visual creator (artist and photographer). I said something like: “I am glad for the journey, but I wish I could have had a breakthrough opportunity that propelled me to get here faster.” The answer to that longing was the creation of InFocus Photography Exhibition and Awards.

InFocus gives photographers just that opportunity I had longed for. InFocus provides an amazing exhibition opportunity, a chance to get known, a great line on the CV, a chance to network and learn from other photographers, and so much more. InFocus photographers have gone on to do great things. I love receiving emails from them, updating me about their latest exhibits, publications and awards. That is the goal. To propel photographers forward into living out their creative ambitions.


First InFocus Exhibition, held at Harcourt House Artist Run Centre featuring Edmonton and area photographers.

During our first year the exhibit only ran a weekend because of the venue and needing to have someone man the gallery. Still, we were thankful for the space and had over two hundred people through the doors over those three days. The show was a success and began so many discussions around photography between photographers and photo-viewers alike.


InFocus expanded to celebrate the best photography from across Alberta, showcased at dc3 Art Projects, and featured a People’s Choice Award.

It has always been my dream to grow the exhibit. I am not a “think small” kind of gal. Along with the goal of promoting deserving photographers, I also wanted to bring amazing photography into my city. Stimulating the local creative scene is so important. Photographers do not need to operate in an isolated bubble. It is powerful to learn from others, to be encouraged and also to encourage.


InFocus fulfilled its mission of welcoming submissions from ALL Canadian photographers, shown at The Front Gallery, with new programming including portfolio reviews.

Finally, patience and hard work paid off and we reached our goal of making InFocus a national exhibition. I am so proud of all the photographers we have exhibited. The portfolio reviews were another new addition and they too were extremely well received. We had photographers from near and far, newbies and experienced alike, participate and select times to meet with our distinguished reviewers. It was an evening where everyone left encouraged and inspired – including me!


InFocus returns for another amazing show of the best photography Canada has to offer, including a new award – the PhotoED Emerging Photographer Award – and amazing programming for emerging and professional photographers alike.

I am excited to share all the new things in store for InFocus 2018. I will slowly roll out the news as autumn progresses into winter. What I can say now is that February is going to ROCK!

Growing a passion project like InFocus is hard work, but it is so rewarding. Aaron and I volunteer our time, working tirelessly to make InFocus an amazing experience for photographers across the country. AND, that is my cue! I am putting out the “ask” to see if anyone would like to volunteer with us. We welcome your help! For those outside of Edmonton, we need assistance with social media and spreading the word. For those local to the show, we would love help building the walls (in the hotel) and hanging the show (and also on take-down day). If you would like to assist with these or any other ideas, please email me. I’d love to hear from you (!


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InFocus is one of the major photographic surveys of Canadian-made imagery.

InFocus presents the current cultural climate in photography within our nation.  

There are 3 (THREE!!) days left to enter InFocus Photography Exhibition and Awards. It’s easy to enter. Click here to read more about the submission process. You can click here to see the whole InFocus website. Please subscribe to my blog to stay abreast of all the exciting things coming up!

InFocus Photo Submission Deadline:

Sunday, October 29, 11:59pm

Thanks for reading!

Alexis Marie Chute