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Canadian Photographers got Talent!

Last day to enter InFocus! Plus promo code!


InFocus: Opening Party & Portfolio Reviews

InFocus Photo Exhibit & Award is open to the public! Visit The Front Gallery to see this amazing show. I am so proud to curate InFocus and I love seeing how it is propelling photographers’ careers forward and engaging people in the dialogue about why photography matters. I believe photography is art. This is something I’ve always promoted – and defended. The Front Gallery owner, Rachel Bouchard, is on the same page (and the gallery looks great adorned in photos, btw).

Photography is a dynamic, impassioned and powerful creative medium. Not to be ignored.

If you are in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada this Thursday, February 9 – come out to the InFocus Photo opening party! And come back again on Friday night for the portfolio reviews. Here is more info about both of these awesome events:

InFocus Opening Reception:

Thursday, February 9, 2017

6 – 9 pm

The Front Gallery

12323 – 104th Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta

Curator Talk & InFocus Photo People’s Choice Award presentation – 7pm

InFocus Portfolio Reviews:

Portfolio Review Date:

Friday, February 10, 2017

6:30-9:30 PM

Registration: $40+GST

Students. Enthusiasts. Amateurs. Professionals. ALL PHOTOGRAPHERS WELCOME!
We have a rock star line-up of reviewers ready to bestow their wealth of knowledge and experience to all portfolio review participants.

Reviewers include: Larry Louie, Curtis Trent, Akemi Matsubuchi, and yours truly, Alexis Marie Chute.

Bring printed photographs, a bound portfolio or images on your laptop or tablet. The reviewers will look at your work, give feedback on how to make it better or how to promote yourself – or anything else you may be wondering about with your photography.

One registration will give you ten (10) minutes with each of our four talented and generous photographers in a speed-dating style review.





Here is more info about InFocus:

MISSION: To promote and exhibit innovative, thoughtful, and provocative photography created by CANADIAN contemporary image makers.

INFOCUS PHOTO is an annual exhibition that began in 2015. In it’s first year, the show took place at Harcourt House Artist Run Centre and featured Edmonton and area photographers. In the second year, InFocus expanded to celebrate the best photography from across Alberta, showcased at dc3 Art Projects. Now, in its third year, InFocus has fulfilled its mission of welcoming submissions from ALL Canadian photographers. This year, the curated show will be mounted in The Front Gallery.

InFocus is one of the major photographic surveys of Canadian-made imagery.

InFocus presents the current cultural climate in photography within our nation.  


Photo by Vanessa Tignanelli. GUELPH, Ont. (30/06/16) – Julian Holman, known in Guelph, Ont. as “the pigeon guy”, is a friendly but strongly-opinionated homeless man with a unique relationship to a bird named Ffögeli. Julian has a brilliant mind, but he psychoanalyzes society so meticulously that he can only exist as a critic, choosing to live on the outside of society rather than be a contributing member. Julian has been living on the streets of Guelph since 2013 when he moved from Germany to pursue a love that would eventually break his heart. It seems he has dealt with pain by turning every human emotion into a crippling string of theories. “You can’t deal with things unless you understand them. Once you understand them you are detached. They are no longer things that involve you, they are things to observe. It’s there in the Vedas, the miraculous capabilities of human consciousness,” he says. Recently Julian has been squatting in an abandoned house near downtown, hoping to have shelter this winter, though police have been monitoring him and Ffögeli since kicking him out once already.



Here is the line-up of InFocus 2017 Photographers:

Hedy Bach

Wes Bell

Lauren Dary

Al Dixon

Gerry Dotto


Greg Gerla

Andy Greening

Laura Grier

Aidan Guerra

Chan Hawkins

Joshua Jensen

Candace Makowichuk

Ann Mansolino

Drew May

Deborah Naoum

Rob Pohl

Marko Radovanovic

JT Rehill

Steve Ricketts

Murray Sugden

Anne Tapler White

Vanessa Tignanelli

Curtis Trent

Kevin Tuong

Henry VanderSpek

Peter Young

Tips from the InFocus Photo Curator

The InFocus Photo Exhibit & Award call for submissions deadline is Sunday, October 30 at midnight. As the curator of InFocus, this is one of my favorite times of year. It’s like Christmas. Throughout the fall, submissions flow in for InFocus and when the deadline passes, I get the honour of viewing and experiencing so much amazing photography. It truly is a great gift.


InFocus 001


I want to give a little insight into what makes up a successful submission. Everyone does things a little differently, but here are a few helpful tips:

  • I look for photographers that have something to say. When you are thinking about what images you will be submitting, ask yourself: What would the first reaction be from someone who has never seen this photograph before? What am I communicating through my aesthetic and technical choices?
  • Your vision as a photographer must come through in your photographs. “Art talk” never sways me if the work itself is not strong. Your artist statement and descriptions play second fiddle to the photographs. The work must be able to stand alone.
  • That said, I read all artist statements and will especially be turning a keen eye to the answers to the theme “The Future” this year. I do appreciate thoughtful responses. If your words provoke deep reflection, this is a good thing.
  • If you worry your photography is too weird/ordinary/conceptual/abstract/etc. – please DON’T FRET : ) You don’t have to fit a mold. I am looking to experience your unique perspective on the world. That is going to be totally different from the next photographer – and that’s OKAY.
  • Submitting three or more images from totally different styles or subjects is fine – if those are your strongest images. If you don’t have a cohesive group of related photographs, only enter your best work.
  • On the other hand, as the curator, I get a much better sense of your vision if you enter three (or more) photographs that relate. It is often in these instances where I may choose one or two or even three of the images you have entered. These would be displayed together.
  • If you have more than one body of work you want considered, I would recommend entering twice, for example. The first three images in submission 1 will be from your first body of work. The second three images in submission 2 will be from your second body of work. This way I can get the best sense of each grouping. Out of the two entered, only one group of images may be chosen, but this is more likely to result in a successful entry than trying to fit both bodies of work within one submission of three images.
  • It is very important that you know the size of your photograph and the finished framed dimensions as well. I look at the sizing when selecting the images. Knowing the dimensions of the gallery, I make sure I choose the right amount of work so the show does not feel too squishy or too sparse. This is why I would really appreciate you considering these dimensions carefully before entering.
  • I do not have a preference for large pieces over small, or vice versa. When people ask me about the size to print their photos, I always advise that you must first look to the work itself. Does it demand a grand scale? Or would it present better smaller, drawing viewers to step closer? There is not right or wrong answer.




If you have other questions, I would love to answer them for you!


Just a few days ago I had a great phone call with a student photographer from Ontario. She had lots of relevant questions (many I have answered above) and she is very eager to enter. Her love of photography shone through during our conversation. That is what I am looking for: people who love this creative medium and are exploring it – and the world around them – in their own special ways.


With just a few days till the deadline, pop me an email if you have something you’d like to run by me I look forward to hearing from you!


Happy submitting!




Alexis Marie Chute, InFocus Curator

Show your Photography at The Front Gallery

The Front Gallery is a beautiful creative space located in the heart of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. It is the perfect place to host a nation-wide exhibition of the best photography Canada has to offer. This is an exhibition you need to be a part of. InFocus Photography Exhibit and Award strives to present the current cultural climate of photography in the country. This is a major photographic-survey you want to be a part of.



The Front Gallery is pleased to be able to feature Edmonton’s artistic diversity in a relaxed and welcoming environment. Whether catering to serious collectors or the casual passer-by, The Front Gallery is an inviting environment to engage with art that speaks to people about new ideas and ways of seeing.

The art exhibited at The Front Gallery comes from both Canadian and international artist and extends from traditional landscapes to more challenging contemporary pieces, all of which have the ability to surprise, delight and inspire it’s audiences.

Our passion at The Front Gallery is in providing a relaxed and inviting environment where the first connection between a person and a work of art can open the mind to a dialogue that will last a lifetime.


Enter by October 16, 2016 for regular rate – $25 for 3 images

Extended deadline October 30, 2016 – $35 for 3 images

Enter online at

Learn more about InFocus at


the-front-gallery-infocus-photo-exhibit-alexis-marie-chute the-front-gallery-4-infocus-photo-exhibit-alexis-marie-chute the-front-gallery-3-infocus-photo-exhibit-alexis-marie-chute the-front-gallery-2-infocus-photo-exhibit-alexis-marie-chute

InFocus Photo Exhibit opens February 5

I am so proud of the super talented photographers that will be showcasing their work at DC3 Art Projects at the second annual InFocus Photography Exhibition. The exhibit opens in less than a month, with the whole show kicking off the day before, February 4, at the opening reception.

InFocus Photo Exhibit 2016 Alexis Marie Chute Invite

Kick-off party:

Thursday, February 4, 2016

6 – 10 pm


Curator Talk & Announcement of People’s Choice Award:

Thursday, February 4, 2016

7 pm


Exhibit Run:

February 5 – 27, 2016

DC3 Art Projects

10567 – 111 Street

Edmonton, AB, Canada


Save these dates! Share with your friends! Come out and celebrate great Alberta-made photography with us!


That’s our mission: To promote and exhibit innovative, thoughtful and provocative photography created by Alberta’s contemporary image makers. 


InFocus Photo Exhibit Invite Alexis Marie Chute


This year, on top of our exhibit, we also have an exciting competition – which is happening right now! It is the InFocus People’s Choice Award. Click here to vote right now for your favorite photograph. We have already received over 500 votes. The competition will be live until the end of January. The winner will be announced at the opening reception on February 4 during the Curator talk at 7 pm.


Please connect with us:

InFocus on Twitter

InFocus on Facebook


Again, congratulations to our 2016 InFocus Photographers:

(In alphabetical order)

Hedy Bach

Hélène Cyr

Al Dixon

Gerry Dotto

Rae Emogene

Benjamin Garcia

Aidan Guerra

Candace Makowichuk

Vincent Morban

Eric Petersen

Rob Pohl

Alysha Ragusa

Karin Richter

Steve Ricketts

Christopher Shaw

Brady Simpson

Curtis Trent

Kevin Tuong

Suman Varghese

Anne Tapler White

See you at the show!

InFocus Photo seeking Local Collaborations

InFocus is looking to collaborate with a local musician, eatery or chef, and printing company. Last year, the inaugural InFocus Exhibit was a huge success, seeing over 250 visitors over three days. This year, the exhibition will run the entire month of February 2016 and will take place at DC3 Art Projects. InFocus happens during Exposure Photography Festival.

InFocus Photo Seeking Local Collaborations

The opening reception will be a noteworthy celebration of Alberta photography and photographers. The InFocus Team would love to showcase a local musician and chef for the party, plus get everyone there with awesome invites.

If you or someone you know of is interested in collaborating with InFocus Photo Exhibit, please contact the curator, Alexis Marie Chute:




Other blog posts about InFocus:

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InFocus Photography Exhibit Updates

Mayor’s Celebration of the Arts PHOTOS & a BIG Thank-You from Alexis Marie Chute for the John Poole Promotion of the Arts Award, Edmonton


InFocus Edmonton Musical Collaboration with Mohsin Zaman

InFocus Edmonton is only four days away! The group photography exhibit will be an amazing presentation of the creativity and vision of Edmonton and area photographers and artists.

I am excited to announce that Mohsin Zaman will be playing his music at our opening reception Saturday night, February 21st. I love supporting local musicians. I believe collaboration across artistic disciplines benefits us all. Plus, I’m really excited to listen to some awesome music while looking at great art. Sounds like a perfect night.

Please join us!

Get to know Mohsin Zaman:

From the bustling streets of Dubai to the wintry turf of Edmonton, Mohsin Zaman is old hand at being a newcomer. With a voice haunted by heartbreak, curiosity and ever-bearing hope, he sings, writes, and performs with a wealth of skill and spirit far beyond his years. His album Waking Up charts his ambitious journey from the Middle East to Canada, narrating the romance, joy and nostalgia he witnessed through passing frames. Mohsin Zaman is a cherished performer and musician in the Edmonton Music scene; he bears a soul power and honesty that propels his audience into new space, changes the atmosphere of a room with a sole song, and inspires any and everyone in his path.

Preview his music on SoundCloud or check out Mohsin on Facebook.

Details of InFocus Edmonton:


Drawing Room, Annex Building,

Harcourt House Artist Run Centre

10211-112 Street, Edmonton, AB, CAN

Exhibit Hours:

Saturday, February 21, 2015, 10:00am – 10:00pm

Sunday, February 22, 2015, 10:00am – 5:00pm


Curator Talk – Saturday, February 21, 6:30pm

Opening Reception – Saturday, February 21, 7:00pm

Please click here to learn more about InFocus Edmonton and to RSVP to the opening.

Also, connect with InFocus on Twitter and also on Facebook.

We look forward to seeing you at InFocus!