Submit Now! The InFocus Photography Exhibit Call for Submissions Opens Today!

Prepare your image files and plan your framing. Which photos best reflect your style? Today is the day! The InFocus Photography Exhibition officially launches its call for submissions on August 1, 2015.

Here is some information about InFocus:

WHAT: A group exhibition featuring of the best contemporary photography by Albertan photographers. Curated by Alexis Marie Chute.

MISSION: To promote and exhibit innovative, thoughtful and provocative photography created by Alberta’s contemporary image-makers.

WHEN: February 1 – 29, 2016, taking place during Exposure Photography Festival

WHERE: DC3 Art Projects, commercial art gallery in Edmonton, Alberta. 10567-111 Street.

WHY SUBMIT: InFocus is a great opportunity for photographers from Alberta to be featured in a noteworthy exhibition during a major photographic festival. Photographers and their work will be celebrated in a beautiful commercial gallery, receive tremendous exposure across Canada, and become one of the distinguished InFocus Alumni.

Please click here to submit your photography to be considered for the 2016 InFocus exhibition.

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Gerry Dotto Photography: Special Guest Post

Alexis Marie: Continuing on in the InFocus Alumni photography blog series, I am pleased to introduce Gerry Dotto. Taking the everyday and making it interesting is quite a feat. I hope you enjoy Gerry’s images and the way he expounds on them.

Welcome Gerry!




On a recent trip to Boston, I visited the Museum of Fine Arts to see an exhibition of works by two historically prominent photographers: Herb Ritts and Gordon Parks. It was a great show, and the impact of seeing iconic photos up close and in person really left an impression. This experience truly underscores the importance of getting one’s photographs printed and, if the occasion arises, put on display. It’s one thing to look at a digital image on the screen, but it’s no comparison to a well-printed photograph that allows you to truly appreciate the tone, the light and the detail.


copyright Gerry Dotto

“Stickers or Stamps, Crutches or Stilts” 2014, Digital print on photo paper 22” x 17” (55.9 x 43.2 cm) image size Edition of 30, copyright Gerry Dotto

I recently had the opportunity to participate in the InFocus Edmonton exhibition, where I showed a photo from a series I’ve been developing called “Flow of Traffic Theory.” My work is conceptual in nature and is based on exploring our interaction with everyday forms of visual communication. This series originated from my fascination with the simplicity and universality of the imagery used on road signs. Specifically, signs whose words and symbols have become obscured or distorted in some way.


Peach Inspediment - Composite 1, 2014, Digital print on photo paper, 22” x 16” (55.9 x 40.6 cm) image size, Edition of 30, Copyright Gerry Dotto

Peach Inspediment – Composite 1, 2014,
Digital print on photo paper, 22” x 16” (55.9 x 40.6 cm) image size, Edition of 30, Copyright Gerry Dotto

Over the course of the last several years, I’ve kept a keen eye out for road signs that have been damaged, run over, victims of adverse weather or compromised by construction. The interesting thing is that these signs are generally overlooked by drivers—no need to look at a sign that can’t be read. The signs, in effect, become “invisible.” The value of these signs, relative to the message they once carried, has been lost. They now take on an aesthetic value of their own, either in their appearance, the reinterpretation of their message or based on the context of their physical location. The images in this series set out to reveal the relative beauty of these objects that have lost their inherent value.


"Red Cross" 2012, Digital print on photo paper, 22” x 15.5” (55.9 x 39.4 cm) image size, edition of 30, Copyright Gerry Dotto

“Red Cross” 2012, Digital print on photo paper, 22” x 15.5” (55.9 x 39.4 cm) image size, edition of 30, Copyright Gerry Dotto

During the run of the InFocus Edmonton exhibition, I met a few photographers whose work I was familiar with but hadn’t had the occasion to meet yet. Seeing my work in relation to theirs, as well as other photos in the show, fostered some new perspectives on how I approached my own picture making. I realized that many of my photos of road signs were taking on human characteristics, in the sense that I was portraying them like they were portraits of people—people wearing masks. What are they hiding? Is it about insecurity? A secret identity? Is it a game? In the end, these photos offer more questions than answers.


Ultimately, photography is a medium about “showing” what’s in our world and, in theory, it captures “truth.” The photographic print remains the best medium for revealing the photographer’s vision. Personally, I benefitted from this exhibition experience when deeper aspects of my own work were revealed to me. While I set out to show the world my vision, I’m hiding from it, too. You can see more of my work on my website,, or contact me at



Special Guest Blog Posts by InFocus Alumni Photographers

Starting on Tuesday, I am honoured to share the work of some truly interesting photographers. These individuals were featured in the inaugural InFocus Exhibit held at Harcourt House Artist Run Centre this past February in Edmonton. InFocus was a huge success. Over 250 people visited the show over two days and at the opening reception I was thrilled to announce some good news.

InFocus will be an annual exhibit during Exposure Photography Festival. That means the discovery and promotion of more unique and cutting edge photography and more support for our creative community. InFocus will run the entire month of February, 2016, and will be held at a DC3 Art Projects in Edmonton. 2015 was open to Edmonton and area photographers, but soon the call for submissions will be released welcoming images from photographers across Alberta. There is so much to look forward to!

I am proud to curate InFocus. For more information, please click here. To receive blog updates and info about the call for submissions, please subscribe.

Here is the schedule of InFocus Photographers who will be sharing their passion for photography with us:

Hedy Bach – Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Martin Snider – Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Candace Makowichuk – Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Gerry Dotto – Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Wilfred Kozub – Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Robert Pohl – Tuesday, June 30, 2015

InFocus Photography Exhibit Update

InFocus 2015 was a huge success that saw over 250 people visit the exhibition at Harcourt House this past February during Exposure Photography Festival. Planning is already underway for InFocus 2016 and over the next ten months new exciting details and opportunities will be revealed! Click here to view the InFocus info page which will be updated regularly. Stay tuned for the call for submissions.

InFocus Photography Exhibition 20115

InFocus Photography Exhibition 2015

For now, here is the WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, WHY & HOW for the next InFocus Photography Exhibit:

WHAT: A celebration of the best images and image-makers from across the province of Alberta.

WHEN: February 1 – 29, 2016

WHERE: DC3 Art Projects commercial gallery in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

WHY: “Photography is the medium of our times.” – Exposure Photography Festival

HOW: We will be opening the submissions for InFocus 2016 soon! Please check back here often for updates and submission details. Also, subscribe to the AMC blog to receive notifications. For now, prepare your best work! We look forward to your submissions. Email Alexis Marie with your address to be added to our mailing list.


InFocus Edmonton 2015 Alexis Marie Chute artist curator photography 03 blog

InFocus Photography Exhibition 2015

Over the next few months I will be sharing guest blog posts by the 2015 InFocus Alumni. They will write about their work and inspiration as photographers and their experience in InFocus. I’m eager to read their stories!

Here are the confirmed photographers who will be guest blogging here on Alexis Marie Art:

Hedy Bach

Gerry Dotto

Curtis Trent

Candace Makowichuk

Robert Pohl

Al Dixon

Martin Snider

InFocus Edmonton 2015 Alexis Marie Chute artist curator photography 01 blog

InFocus Photography Exhibition 2015


Below you will find contact info to help you stay connected to some of the amazing photographers from our 2015 InFocus exhibit:


Hedy Bach 

Company Name: Hedy Bach consulting


Email Address: /

Phone: 780-819-7762

Facebook Page:

Twitter Handle:

Tumblr Page:



Gerry Dotto





Al Dixon

Company Name:  Al Dixon Photography


Email Address:

Phone:  (780) 915 3674

Facebook Page:

Twitter Handle:  @Al_D_Photo



Christopher Shaw



Name: Candace Makowichuk
Company Name: Sunprint Studio
Facebook page:Photography by Candace Makowichuk
twitter: sunprintstudio

Brady Simpson




Akemi Matsubuchi

company: Akemi Matsubuchi Photography

website: (website still under construction)


phone: 780 619-9783

twitter: akemimats



Martin Snider

Company Name: Glovebox Photography


Email Address:

Phone: 780-803-4240

Facebook Page:

Instagram @m.j.r.snider



Kevin Tuong

Company Name: KTB Photography

Website: (Commercial) & (Personal)

Email Address:

Phone: 780-952-1608

Facebook Page:

Twitter Handle: @KevinTuong




Bri Vos

Company Name: Detour Photography


Email Address:

Facebook Page:

Twitter Handle: @detourphoto

Instagram – @detourphoto



Eric Petersen


Email Address:

Phone: 780-266-0003

Twitter Handle: @ericpet



Chan Rin

Company Name: Vivid Ribbon Photography & Design



Phone: 780-266-5162


Twitter: @vivid_ribbon

Instagram: @vividribbon

Karue Wachira

Company Name: Karue Wachira Photography


Email Address:

Phone: 306 830 0380

Facebook Page: Karue Wachira Photography

Twitter Handle: @Qarue

InFocus Photography Exhibition 2015

InFocus Photography Exhibition 2015