Perks of Winning the InFocus People’s Choice Award

There are so many awesome perks of participating in InFocus Photo Exhibition in general, such as nation-wide recognition for your work and participation in a group show in a stunning gallery space. But, the exhibition is just one part of InFocus.

How the InFocus People’s Choice Award works:

Every year, InFocus hosts a People’s Choice Award competition. The curator, yours truly, chooses one image from every photographer selected for the show. These images go online for one month. JANUARY. During that time, the public can go online and vote for their favorite. Part of the fun is getting all your family and friends online to cast their votes your way.

Last year, the race to the award title was exciting! We had over 2,000 votes. During the curator talk at the opening reception, VISTEK, the award sponsor, presented the winner with cash to their store.

The winner of the 2016 InFocus Photo People’s Choice Award was Aidan Guerra:

“Eye of the Storm” © Aidan Guerra, InFocus Photo People’s Choice Award winner 2016

“Eye of the Storm” © Aidan Guerra, InFocus Photo People’s Choice Award winner 2016



This year, there are some really great perks for winning the InFocus Photo People’s Choice Award.

  • You win a cash prize to VISTEKVistek_ InFocus Photo Exhibit Peoples Choice Award
  • You will have your winning image featured as a part of the spread on InFocus in PhotoEd magazine



  • Plus bragging rights of course. The title of “InFocus Photo People’s Choice Award Winner” looks awfully good on a CV.


Well, hopefully these awesome perks are more than reason enough to enter InFocus. Truly, this is a wonderful, home-grown exhibition with heaps of national pride and creative flare. Please don’t delay to enter. Here are the details:


Enter by October 16, 2016 for regular rate – $25 for 3 images

Extended deadline October 30, 2016 – $35 for 3 images

Enter online at

Learn more about InFocus at

Happy submitting!



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