Update + Confession

Happy November!

[ AKA Happy Long-Overdue-Update! ]

Confession: I suck at blogging. Yep. It’s true. This stems from the fact that I am busy “doing the work” that I rarely have time to “write about the work.” It’s a failure on my part, but I’m not too hard on myself.

The creative life is an ebb and flow. Never the same. Often a grueling slog of self-discipline and hard work paired with THE MOST AMAZING CAREER EVER. I am beyond thankful that I am able to work as an artist, author, filmmaker, curator, and all the other hats I wear. I am grateful. I wake up grateful EVERY SINGLE DAY.

I am not going to make hollow promises to blog more. NOPE.

What I am going to promise you is this:

  • I will continue to pursue my creative passions with undying determination and innovation.

  • I will share – as best I can – with my community through this blog and also my other social channels.

  • I will not stress about being perfect and posting like clockwork.

  • I will do things that matter, create stories that touch your heart, and make art that has something to say.

  • I will do the above with joy and humor, and as authentically as I can.

  • I will continue to bubble up with gratitude for you, reading this right now, my community. Thank you for being here.

Just a Few Fun Updates


I have the immense honor of curating a national exhibition of the best contemporary Canadian photography. The theme for our 2019 exhibition is “Connection.” How we connect with ourselves, each other, and our environments.

The extended deadline to submit photos to InFocus is WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 7. 

Learn more about Infocus and enter photos here: www.InFocusPhoto.ca


I am giddy to share my documentary film in my home city! Expecting Sunshine documentary follows one of my pregnancies with a “rainbow baby” and interviews over twenty-five other bereaved parents, doctors, nurses, advocates, and counselors. It is an artistic presentation of grief and healing, and the power of family, love, and hope.

Tickets for the screening can be purchased on Eventbrite by clicking here. 

Screening details:

  • Saturday, November 17, 2018
  • Doors open: 3pm
  • Film starts: 3:30pm
  • Q&A with the filmmaker: 4:30pm
  • Family friendly event. Kids welcome. Art table in the lobby.
  • Expecting Sunshine memoir and film available for purchase.


Consider gifting to someone you love one of my fun book boxes! Available in my store: the Expecting Sunshine and Above the Star book boxes!

More fun holiday gifts and ideas coming soon!

Visit my shop by clicking here: www.AlexisMarieChute.com/Shop


Yes, I am not a natural-born blogger, but I do try to keep my Events Page up-to-date! Click here to check out my fall and winter events!

If you would like to add your city to my tour itinerary, email me through the “Bring Alexis to my city” page! Click here!

Thanks for Reading! Catch you next time!

[ I’ll aim for monthly updates from now on LOL! ]