Memoir Shares Artist’s Personal Journey

Being a multi-medium artist is something I am passionate about. I love to paint, take photographs, make wood sculpture, and mix up all my mediums into something altogether new. To some, I am only known as an artist. What is cool is that I’m actually leading a double life. I’m also a writer!

Writing is another part of my creative practice that is very important to all the work that I do. I think both visually and with words. I feel compelled to express myself both ways. I typically reserve my writing posts for my blog on Alexis Marie Writes, which you can visit by clicking here, BUT I do have big news to share, hence posting on AM Art as well.

Tuesday, April 18 is the the day my memoir is officially released into the world! I am beyond excited. And for those reading this that want to know A LOT more about me as an artist, this book is just that inside peak you’ll enjoy.

Expecting Sunshine: A Journey of Grief, Healing and Pregnancy After Loss.

Published by She Writes Press.

Wherever books are sold.

Here is a customized ABOUT-THE-BOOK for the artsy folks reading this post:

I have been an artist since my earliest memory and there isn’t much that could sway me off this course. But something did. A big something, which I had not anticipated.

I had given birth to one healthy child when my husband, Aaron, and I got pregnant with our second baby. I was blissfully naive, so much so that when it was discovered that our second child, who we named Zachary, had a random genetic abnormality and would not survive beyond the womb, I was TOTALLY thrown off in every area of life. My art included.

I call the year following Zachary’s death – at birth, in my arms – my “Year of Distraction” in which I did commercial and editorial photography, but could not bring myself to make the art that was at the heart of who I was. I distracted myself from my grief. It was too painful to face head-on. Art was dangerous as I didn’t know what would come out of me. So I didn’t paint or write or express myself in those vulnerable ways.

It was only when I got pregnant again that I realized I had to break out of that destructive grief-cycle and confront my loss and what it meant for my life – and my art. What I did not anticipate was the role art-making and writing would play in that journey…

Artsy Bookmark Giveaway!

I love bringing my words and art together and have a very special giveaway to tell you about!

Some of my brilliant friends and family came up with the idea that I make a painting inspired by my book cover. Which I did – and you can watch in this awesome video below!

Then, I cut up the painting into bookmarks. All signed and numbered. I will be giving away these one-of-a-kind-art-bookmarks to the awesome people that come out to my book launch events at bookstores across North America – and the world. Click here to find all the events on my book tour. 

The idea behind this is so cool: We are all connected! Everyone with a piece of this painting will be connected to other people – sometimes cities or even whole countries and continents apart! This hearkens to the idea that we are all part of one greater whole and that we can help each other, support each other, and together be much stronger than we are alone. These ideas are at the heart of my memoir and the message I hope to inspire in everyone who reads my book.

Thanks so much for reading about Expecting Sunshine! 

If you are in the Edmonton area, please consider joining me for my home-city BOOK PARTY!!

Here are the details:

Audreys Books, Jasper Avenue, Edmonton

Saturday, April 22, from 2 – 4pm

I will be giving a little talk (not boring, I promise!), doing a little reading, answering some Q&A’s, and signing books. Oh, and giving away the painting-bookmarks! 

Please join me!

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