Feeling Humbug? Gift Yourself some Gratitude

I love December for the colorful lights and the frosting of snow that makes me feel like I live and work in a holiday snow globe. The anticipation for Christmas is fun too. BUT! I have to confess. This season also makes me feel a little like Scrooge. Bah, humbug! I’m all for the Christmas spirit, but what drives me bananas is the consumerist spend-fest. My true confession, I suppose, is that I am not a gift-person. I don’t want gifts for myself and I’m terrible at picking gifts for others. Some people get bucket loads of pleasure from purchasing and giving gifts. If you are one of those people: I’m happy for you! I, on the other hand, find shopping torture…

December always reminds me how I love giving the gift of experiences. 

I’m sure you’ve heard of The 5 Love Languages. I read the Gary Chapman book years ago and from the descriptions, I nodded my head at the “quality-time” description and cringed at the “gift-giving” description.

We all have our own styles of showing love – and I think that’s what the holidays are truly about. Showing love to the people we cherish. 

So perhaps that is my one gentle reminder to us all this December. Let us reflect on our blessings, choose gratefulness over frantic shopping, and express love to the important people in our lives, letting them know how much they mean to us. That’s how I turn my humbug on its head.

What are your favorite aspects of the holidays? 

What do you loath every December?