Door Game: Expecting Sunshine 2nd Edition Cover Reveal

Two doors have opened!

Congratulations to Joanna Dawyd and Melissa Baker! They have each chosen a door and revealed a piece of the book cover for Expecting Sunshine 2nd Edition! And in doing so, they have won a mega book prize box.

Join the Game!

Come play 😊
Help me open all the doors! I’m eager to share the new cover of Expecting Sunshine with you!!


1. Pre-order Expecting Sunshine 2nd Edition. Go to the game page for a list of retailers:

2. Email proof of purchase to

3. That’s it! You’ll be in the running for a sweet prize!!

Thanks for playing! Please share the game!!

Where to Pre-Order Expecting Sunshine 2nd Edition:


Feeling Lucky?

Today is DAY 3 in the GAME. We’ve got 7 prize boxes left up for grabs! Enter today & please share the game! Thanks for playing : )

Thanks for reading!

   –   Alexis Marie Chute