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InFocus Photo Portfolio Reviews!

Happy Boxing Day! Since we are still in the season of giving and generosity, why not treat yourself to an amazing photographic learning and networking experience? That is where the InFocus Photo portfolio reviews come in! This brand new initiative by the InFocus Photo team is truly an amazing opportunity. Here is more info:

Students. Enthusiasts. Amateurs. Professionals. ALL PHOTOGRAPHERS WELCOME to the InFocus Photo Portfolio Reviews!

We have a rock star line-up of reviewers ready to bestow their wealth of knowledge and experience to all portfolio review participants. Online registration will begin soon. For now, if you would like to reserve your spot, please email

Soon, an online registration form will be available on There you will be able to select the time slot of your choice. Keep checking back at the InFocus Photo site for updates.


Portfolio Review Date:

Friday, February 10, 2017

6:30-9:30 PM

Registration: $40+GST

Bring printed photographs, a bound portfolio or images on your laptop or tablet. The reviewers will look at your work, give feedback on how to make it better or how to promote yourself – or anything else you may be wondering about with your photography.

 One registration will give you ten (10) minutes with each of our four talented and generous photographers in a speed-dating style review.



Here is a little bit about the reviewers:


REVIEWER – Akemi Matsubuchi

Akemi Matsubuchi was born in Montreal, Quebec, and lived in several countries before settling in St. Albert, Alberta. Her love of photography harkens back to the age of 10 when Akemi’s father put a camera in her hands and encouraged her to take a second look at the world. Akemi attended Ryerson University in Toronto and received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Still Photography. Since graduating, she has pursued commercial photography, worked in the book publishing industry, and currently instructs at Northern Alberta Institute of Technology where she loves being surrounded by creative minds.

Akemi loves to travel and has always had a special affinity for nature. Backcountry hiking is a much-loved break from the sounds of the city and is ideal for her infrared photography. Travelling feeds her desire to experience new cultures and inspires her to take the second look and record the world as her father advocated. That desire to share has been the driving force of her photography and approach to teaching. She believes a visual history of humankind is extremely important and would like people to become emotionally connected in how she interprets the world.



REVIEWER – Curtis Trent

Binding together his tremendously diverse portfolio is a distinct use of composition, light and narrative. Inspired by the never-ending sky of his prairie roots, Curtis doesn’t allow for boundaries. He was recognized early on as a multi-disciplined photographer gliding easily between editorial, lifestyle, portrait and advertising. By not compartmentalizing his work, Curtis has found that elusive balance between commercial photography and fine art. In fact, he welcomes both to overlap: undoubtedly a contributor to his telltale style.

Since moving back west from Toronto over 12 years ago, he continues to stretch his experience and skill while enjoying the big sky. His images have been published widely and are represented at Bugera Matheson Gallery/Art Perspective. Curtis was recently recognized in the One Eyeland Photography Awards, taking home Silver and Bronze. He was nominated in the 2015 National Magazine Awards, in the Cover Photography category. Curtis teaches at Grant MacEwan University.



REVIEWER – Larry Louie

“It takes vision to be a good photographer, to imagine how the world around you will look in a photograph.  But it takes another kind of vision to see how you can use what skills and experience you have to help other people. “  (Mark Bentley talking about Dr. Larry Louie, Black and White Photography, UK, March 2012).

International award winning documentary photographer Larry Louie leads a dual career.  In his optometry clinic, he is Dr. Larry Louie, working to enhance the vision of people from all walks of life in the urban core of a North American city. On his travels, he is a humanitarian documentary photographer, exploring the lives of remote indigenous people, and documenting social issues around the world. As an optometrist, Larry adjusts people’s visual perception. As a photographer, he seeks to adjust people’s view of the world. Either way, he is interested in things that exist outside the regular field of vision.

Over the last couple of years, Dr. Louie has used his photography as a platform to high light the work of different charities around the world, along with other social issues and challenges people are encountering in a world facing rapid urbanization and globalization. He wants to engage people in inspiring stories of perseverance and strength, not only of those who have found themselves caught in such a plight, but also amazing individuals and organizations that are lending a helping hand. He hopes his photographs will be able to tell the stories and make a difference, and to reveal light that is found in the darkest of places.

Larry’s award winning photographs have appeared in the Asian Photography Magazine, Digital Camera Magazine, British Journal of Photography, B&W Magazine, National Geographic and National Geographic Traveler Magazine. His work have also been exhibited around the world; from the Royal Geographical Society of London, UK to the Circle of Fine Art in Madrid, Spain, to the Center of Photography in Charleston, South Carolina to the Pendulum Gallery in Vancouver, Canada to the Royal Alberta Museum in Edmonton, Canada.



REVIEWER – Alexis Marie Chute

Alexis Marie Chute is a professional artist, author, photographer and filmmaker. She has her Bachelor of Fine Art from the University of Alberta and her Masters of Fine from Lesley University in Cambridge, MA. She has received over 30 noteworthy distinctions for her visual and literary work, such as The John Poole Award for promotion of the Arts (2015), and being named an “Emerging Canadian Photographer” by Photo Life Magazine (2012), and a “Top 40 Under 40” by Avenue Magazine (2013). She is the curator and founder of InFocus Photo Exhibit and Award. She is also a reviewer for PhotoEd Magazine’s photography platform.

Alexis Marie’s debut memoir, Expecting Sunshine will be released April 2017 by She Writes Press, accompanied by the documentary film on the same topic. Alexis Marie is a highly regarded public speaker and she has presented on art, writing, bereavement and the healing capacities of creativity around the world. She is widely published in anthologies, newspapers and magazines and her artworks has been exhibited across North America. She is represented by the AR&S Gallery at the Art Gallery of Alberta.


Email to save your spot!

Mentoring to take your creativity to the next level

I love people, business and creativity. When these three fuse together, I overflow with ideas, which I’m happy to share. I have been a professional writer and artist for almost fifteen years and one aspect of my job which I love is mentoring others to become more successful.

Mentorship Magic Alexis Marie Chute Artist Mentor art BLOG

I am currently mentoring a musician, a photographer, a writer, an artist… They are great minds and I am honoured to help them get where they want to go.

Here is a quote from one of my mentees:

“Being mentored. A wonderful experience of discovery and focus.


The best part about guidance from Alexis Marie Chute, professional artist, has been the inexhaustible amount of knowledge she can apply to your situation or seemingly unsolvable problem. Alexis Marie honestly and without judgement pointed out that in my case, spreading myself too thin with multiple projects and talents, would only result in a lack of finishing my projects and that I needed to find my focus or passion, and specialize.


After two weeks of intense thought on the homework she gave, I came up with precise lists of capabilities, skill levels and what I enjoyed the most. Alexis Marie used effective constructive criticism to then guide my focus as to how I would approach selling my products and gave suggestions for solving the problem in a positive and productive manner. As someone increasingly interested in the arts I would recommend her to anyone interested in putting in the time to seriously start their own artistic endeavours.


On that note, she is a kind and enthusiastic individual whose talent is beyond paint and portrait. Her life experience lends to her awareness of the sensitivity others may need and contributes to her knowledge that sometimes life doesn’t work out as planned so we all periodically need a little encouragement to seek out our hearts’ desires.”


  • Heather Groeller, Artisan


It is always rewarding for me to hear the positive feedback of clients – and these individuals are often an inspiration for me as well. Get in touch for more information about my mentoring services: I charge $50/one-hour session. It is a worthwhile investment.

Here are other posts about my mentoring:

Get Focused, Be Productive & Tap into your Creativity through Mentorship

Mentoring for the Modern Writer

Coaching, Mentoring & Consulting by Alexis Marie Chute

Want to learn about Word-and-Image Relationships?

Right now I am teaching students at Lesley University about word-and-image. It is my graduating student seminar and the culmination of both diligent research and a personal passion. We live in a visually engaged society and creative people of all kinds would do well to look into the future. Where are we headed? I believe part of that answer includes multi-genre, multi-media, and multi-medium artwork and collaborations.

If you would like to attend one of my workshops or bring them to your city or center, please email me at Here is the information about my word-and-image seminar:

 The Art of Writing: Exploring Word-and-Image Pairings in Contemporary Literature

By Alexis Marie Chute

Is a picture really worth a thousand words? What happens when imagery and text combine?

In an age of visual communication, it is important for writers to reflect on the dynamic relationship between words and images. In this interactive seminar we will discuss the ways writers might capitalize on visual material to strengthen their craft. We will explore the word-image relationships in children’s books, graphic novels, hybrid novels, photograph/art books, magazines, comics, literary journals and advertisements. Through these discussions, students will learn strategies for pairing words and images, observe what works and what doesn’t, and be inspired to expand the scope of their own writing projects – whether they include visual elements or not.

Alexis Marie Chute word and image copyright workshop blog

Writers of any genre will benefit from this workshop.

Please come prepared to write and flex your creative muscles.

No artistic abilities needed.   

Get Focused, Be Productive & Tap into your Creativity through Mentorship

Why spin your wheels in frustration, never getting anywhere in your artistic practice? Instead, receive truly helpful insight that will propel you forward faster than you could have ever imagined. Artists. Writes. Authors. Musicians. Dancers. Filmmakers. Directors. Actors. Sculptors. Curators. Gallerists. I can help you with your creative business. I am the mentor you have been looking for.

Mentorship Magic Alexis Marie Chute Artist Mentor art BLOG

I have mentored people for over a decade. I have taught them how to market themselves, how to write about their creative work, how to price their services, how to pitch their work, how to get out of the creative rut and into the groove, and how to be exceptional at their craft, business and as human beings. What a brilliant collaboration!

I grew up in a family of business people. While I am an artist through and through, I am able to see the full picture. In mentorship sessions, I (1) LISTEN, (2) BRAINSTORM with you, (3) ADVISE on how to move forward in your passions with style and purpose.

The value of this mentorship is $50/hour and we will talk by phone or skype. Email me to learn more and get started. Let’s book your first session!

Here is a testimonial by up-and-coming musician Evan Crawford:

“Alexis Marie gave me direction, and taught me ways of achieving my goals I didn’t know existed. She taught me how to connect with people through words and construct a more powerful self-image that people would be intrigued with. I learned how to turn my weakness into strength and how to use my strength in the right way. Before Alexis Marie’s mentoring I was running in circles, now I’m finally on the right track.

My mentoring sessions with Alexis Marie changed my view on how I was doing things. I learned that I wasn’t doing anything wrong, but there is so many more things I could be doing right. I no longer sit around and wait to be discovered, I go out into the world and make people discover me.”

Listen & follow Evan’s music on Reverbnation and visit Evan on Facebook.


I look forward to chatting with you!



One on One Art Coaching for Marketing Success

Are you an aspiring artist but get stuck with the next steps after you’ve created your work? You’re not the only one. Many artists are unfamiliar with how to get their work out into the world and effectively market themselves.

I had the benefit of growing up in an entrepreneurial family full of professionals that instilled in me the business focus in any venture. I paired this knowledge with my long experience as a professional artist and my love of helping others. When I coach artists, I offer advice and guidance in these areas:

  • Writing an effective artist statement
  • Applying for exhibitions (and where to find them in the first place)
  • Building a social network platform
  • Applying for funding
  • Photographing your work
  • Applying for Artist Residencies
  • Professional practices for artists
  • Blogging about your work

There are so many creative ways to get your work out of your studio and onto gallery and client walls. It is doable. Attitude and knowledge are key. Having someone to answer your questions will prove invaluable and will help propel you to achieving your goals.

To read more about my art coaching, please click here. Or email me at