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12 Reasons for Canadian Photographers to Enter InFocus Photo

Deadline Tomorrow to Enter PhotoEd Platform

The deadline to enter your photography to PhotoEd Platform is tomorrow – Friday, November 18! This is a unique opportunity for Canadian photographers. I am passionate about the creative community in this country, and I’m proud to be a jury member for PhotoEd Platform.



Here is a little about PhotoEd Platform:

The PhotoEd Platform project is a new, and innovative extension of a traditional print publication that will build on the editorial mandate of PhotoEd magazine; to promote and inspire new Canadian contemporary photography production and dialogue.


Here is a little description about the theme:

Images accepted by the Jury will become part of the premiere collection on the PhotoEd Platform titled ‘Nourish’. Jury members list can be found at: Photographers may submit up to 5 images for consideration.

Submit images that NOURISH.

Share what nourishes the body, mind and spirit. This theme allows photographers to share their creative interpretations on what nourishment means to them as creatives.

Consider the connections viewers will have with this theme, and how sharing your work in this context will literally and directly promote the facilitation of nutritional aid within your communities.


How the photographs will be promoted:

Images in the collection will be available for public sale on the platform as:

  1. High-res images available for commercial license. Images are available for commercial/ editorial use. License fees will vary according to usage. Profits from commercial license sales are divided equally between the PhotoEd Platform & the artist.
  2. High quality 11x14inch fine art prints. (estimated price $100.) Profits from print sales are divided equally between the PhotoEd Platform & the artist.
  3. Low-res digital images for PERSONAL use as desktop/ mobile wallpaper. 100% of the profits from these sales will be donated to FOODBANKS CANADA. ($5./ image downloaded)


Here is a full list of the jury/reviewers:



Click here for more info and to submit to PhotoEd Platform.


First of all, the team at InFocus is delighted that PhotoEd Magazine will be publishing a feature on InFocus Photo Exhibit & Award in the new year!

  • The curation process is underway.
  • All photographers will hear back from us by the end of November at the latest regarding their submission.
  • Many talented photographers entered! We feel incredibly honoured to be able to exhibit and promote the work of so many photographers in our country!
  • More updates coming soon.

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Tips from the InFocus Photo Curator

The InFocus Photo Exhibit & Award call for submissions deadline is Sunday, October 30 at midnight. As the curator of InFocus, this is one of my favorite times of year. It’s like Christmas. Throughout the fall, submissions flow in for InFocus and when the deadline passes, I get the honour of viewing and experiencing so much amazing photography. It truly is a great gift.


InFocus 001


I want to give a little insight into what makes up a successful submission. Everyone does things a little differently, but here are a few helpful tips:

  • I look for photographers that have something to say. When you are thinking about what images you will be submitting, ask yourself: What would the first reaction be from someone who has never seen this photograph before? What am I communicating through my aesthetic and technical choices?
  • Your vision as a photographer must come through in your photographs. “Art talk” never sways me if the work itself is not strong. Your artist statement and descriptions play second fiddle to the photographs. The work must be able to stand alone.
  • That said, I read all artist statements and will especially be turning a keen eye to the answers to the theme “The Future” this year. I do appreciate thoughtful responses. If your words provoke deep reflection, this is a good thing.
  • If you worry your photography is too weird/ordinary/conceptual/abstract/etc. – please DON’T FRET : ) You don’t have to fit a mold. I am looking to experience your unique perspective on the world. That is going to be totally different from the next photographer – and that’s OKAY.
  • Submitting three or more images from totally different styles or subjects is fine – if those are your strongest images. If you don’t have a cohesive group of related photographs, only enter your best work.
  • On the other hand, as the curator, I get a much better sense of your vision if you enter three (or more) photographs that relate. It is often in these instances where I may choose one or two or even three of the images you have entered. These would be displayed together.
  • If you have more than one body of work you want considered, I would recommend entering twice, for example. The first three images in submission 1 will be from your first body of work. The second three images in submission 2 will be from your second body of work. This way I can get the best sense of each grouping. Out of the two entered, only one group of images may be chosen, but this is more likely to result in a successful entry than trying to fit both bodies of work within one submission of three images.
  • It is very important that you know the size of your photograph and the finished framed dimensions as well. I look at the sizing when selecting the images. Knowing the dimensions of the gallery, I make sure I choose the right amount of work so the show does not feel too squishy or too sparse. This is why I would really appreciate you considering these dimensions carefully before entering.
  • I do not have a preference for large pieces over small, or vice versa. When people ask me about the size to print their photos, I always advise that you must first look to the work itself. Does it demand a grand scale? Or would it present better smaller, drawing viewers to step closer? There is not right or wrong answer.




If you have other questions, I would love to answer them for you!


Just a few days ago I had a great phone call with a student photographer from Ontario. She had lots of relevant questions (many I have answered above) and she is very eager to enter. Her love of photography shone through during our conversation. That is what I am looking for: people who love this creative medium and are exploring it – and the world around them – in their own special ways.


With just a few days till the deadline, pop me an email if you have something you’d like to run by me I look forward to hearing from you!


Happy submitting!




Alexis Marie Chute, InFocus Curator

Perks of Winning the InFocus People’s Choice Award

There are so many awesome perks of participating in InFocus Photo Exhibition in general, such as nation-wide recognition for your work and participation in a group show in a stunning gallery space. But, the exhibition is just one part of InFocus.

How the InFocus People’s Choice Award works:

Every year, InFocus hosts a People’s Choice Award competition. The curator, yours truly, chooses one image from every photographer selected for the show. These images go online for one month. JANUARY. During that time, the public can go online and vote for their favorite. Part of the fun is getting all your family and friends online to cast their votes your way.

Last year, the race to the award title was exciting! We had over 2,000 votes. During the curator talk at the opening reception, VISTEK, the award sponsor, presented the winner with cash to their store.

The winner of the 2016 InFocus Photo People’s Choice Award was Aidan Guerra:

“Eye of the Storm” © Aidan Guerra, InFocus Photo People’s Choice Award winner 2016

“Eye of the Storm” © Aidan Guerra, InFocus Photo People’s Choice Award winner 2016



This year, there are some really great perks for winning the InFocus Photo People’s Choice Award.

  • You win a cash prize to VISTEKVistek_ InFocus Photo Exhibit Peoples Choice Award
  • You will have your winning image featured as a part of the spread on InFocus in PhotoEd magazine



  • Plus bragging rights of course. The title of “InFocus Photo People’s Choice Award Winner” looks awfully good on a CV.


Well, hopefully these awesome perks are more than reason enough to enter InFocus. Truly, this is a wonderful, home-grown exhibition with heaps of national pride and creative flare. Please don’t delay to enter. Here are the details:


Enter by October 16, 2016 for regular rate – $25 for 3 images

Extended deadline October 30, 2016 – $35 for 3 images

Enter online at

Learn more about InFocus at

Happy submitting!



Are you the future of photography?

InFocus Photography Exhibition and Award is looking for the next big name in photography in Canada. Why are you one to watch? What are you doing differently? What old technique are you making new? Tell us: what do you have to say?

One of the great things about being a curator of a group exhibition like InFocus, is that I have the privilege of seeing some of the most talented, forward-thinking and exciting artists. I am truly proud to be a part of this great show and cannot wait sift through all the amazing entries.

InFocus is a photography exhibition that welcomes any Canadian photographer to enter their work. You could call yourself an amateur, be a student, or a veteran pro. Whoever you are, whatever your subject; we want to see what you’ve got.


This year, the theme of InFocus Photo is… THE FUTURE.

This is a broad theme, open to interpretation. We welcome photographers to submit their best photography that relates to this theme in some way. It could connect through:
1. The technique used
2. The message conveyed, or
3. The subject of the photographs themselves

Here are some provoking questions when thinking about “The Future.”

  • What is the future of photography?
  • What makes Canadian photography distinct?
  • As a photographer, where are you going?
  • What do you have to say – and in what unique way are you saying it?
  • How does your photography provoke your viewers?
  • Why are you a photographer to watch – now and in the years to come?
  • What innovative techniques are you using or what old processes are you making new again?

The Future” is an abstract theme. We believe it can speak to all photographers, whatever the subject matter, including fine art, portraiture, nature, urban landscapes, editorial, commercial, conceptual, documentary, journalistic, social commentary, architectural, still life, wildlife, travel, multi-medium, three dimensional, and beyond.


Enter by October 16, 2016 for regular rate – $25 for 3 images

Extended deadline October 30, 2016 – $35 for 3 images

Enter online at

Learn more about InFocus at

Happy submitting!


Show your Photography at The Front Gallery

The Front Gallery is a beautiful creative space located in the heart of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. It is the perfect place to host a nation-wide exhibition of the best photography Canada has to offer. This is an exhibition you need to be a part of. InFocus Photography Exhibit and Award strives to present the current cultural climate of photography in the country. This is a major photographic-survey you want to be a part of.



The Front Gallery is pleased to be able to feature Edmonton’s artistic diversity in a relaxed and welcoming environment. Whether catering to serious collectors or the casual passer-by, The Front Gallery is an inviting environment to engage with art that speaks to people about new ideas and ways of seeing.

The art exhibited at The Front Gallery comes from both Canadian and international artist and extends from traditional landscapes to more challenging contemporary pieces, all of which have the ability to surprise, delight and inspire it’s audiences.

Our passion at The Front Gallery is in providing a relaxed and inviting environment where the first connection between a person and a work of art can open the mind to a dialogue that will last a lifetime.


Enter by October 16, 2016 for regular rate – $25 for 3 images

Extended deadline October 30, 2016 – $35 for 3 images

Enter online at

Learn more about InFocus at


the-front-gallery-infocus-photo-exhibit-alexis-marie-chute the-front-gallery-4-infocus-photo-exhibit-alexis-marie-chute the-front-gallery-3-infocus-photo-exhibit-alexis-marie-chute the-front-gallery-2-infocus-photo-exhibit-alexis-marie-chute

InFocus Photo Exhibit & Award wants your Photography!

The call for submissions for InFocus Photography Exhibit and Award is now underway! This is an exciting time of sorting images, selecting and planning. Which photographs will you be entering this year?


Enter by October 16, 2016 for regular rate – $25 for 3 images

Extended deadline October 30, 2016 – $35 for 3 images

Enter online at

Learn more about InFocus at


INFOCUS PHOTO is an annual exhibition that began in 2015. In it’s first year, the show took place at Harcourt House Artist Run Centre and featured Edmonton and area photographers. In the second year, InFocus expanded to celebrate the best photography from across Alberta, showcased at dc3 Art Projects. Now, in its third year, InFocus has fulfilled its mission of welcoming submissions from ALL Canadian photographers. This year, the curated show will be mounted in The Front Gallery.

InFocus Photo Exhibition and Award aims to show the best Canadian-made photography. We are looking for photographers from across the country who have something to say and are saying in a unique way – and through the lens of their camera. We welcome submissions from students to professionals living in any Canadian province.

The exhibition of curated images will take place at The Front Gallery in Edmonton, Alberta during the month of February 2017 as a part of Exposure Photography Festival. The mission of InFocus is to promote and exhibit innovative, thoughtful and provocative photography created by Canadian contemporary image-makers.


I will be posting details about submitting to InFocus until the extended deadline of October 30, 2016. Please subscribe to this blog to stay up-to-date with the latest InFocus info.

Happy submitting!