New Column in Edmonton Woman Magazine: ALEXIS MARIE UNCENSORED

I am very pleased to announce that I have been asked to write a column for Edmonton Woman Magazine. My first article for them will be published in their May/June issue.


Oh boy, this is going to be fun!

Alexis Marie Chute artist writer author photographer blog 2

I will be writing about all kinds of topics from sex (ooh la la), marriage, parenting, careers, feminine identity, and exercise. If you have a topic you want unearthed, or at least picked at and prodded with curiosity, comment here or pop me an email at

The uncensored quality of my column will stem from the honest approach I take in my writing. There will be no sugar coating the facts. No extreme polite, politically correct nonsense. Yes, I am a Canadian so my manners will remain intact. Still, I ardently believe we all are hungry for the meat of life, those things that really matter – delivered with all the garnishing of course. That is what my column will be: a tasty, hardy mental treat. Now that’s a mouthful! (And I’m getting hungry…)

I will post here when my articles are live (in print and online). Stay tuned!

Check out Edmonton Woman Magazine by clicking here.

One on One Art Coaching for Marketing Success

Are you an aspiring artist but get stuck with the next steps after you’ve created your work? You’re not the only one. Many artists are unfamiliar with how to get their work out into the world and effectively market themselves.

I had the benefit of growing up in an entrepreneurial family full of professionals that instilled in me the business focus in any venture. I paired this knowledge with my long experience as a professional artist and my love of helping others. When I coach artists, I offer advice and guidance in these areas:

  • Writing an effective artist statement
  • Applying for exhibitions (and where to find them in the first place)
  • Building a social network platform
  • Applying for funding
  • Photographing your work
  • Applying for Artist Residencies
  • Professional practices for artists
  • Blogging about your work

There are so many creative ways to get your work out of your studio and onto gallery and client walls. It is doable. Attitude and knowledge are key. Having someone to answer your questions will prove invaluable and will help propel you to achieving your goals.

To read more about my art coaching, please click here. Or email me at

My Writing Process


First of all, welcome guests to my new writer & author website! It has been a serious labor of love getting this site off the ground and I am so thankful for my amazing husband who devoted countless hours to learning code and making this dream a reality. Thank you Aaron!

Now, onto exciting business! My friend and fellow writer, Sabrina Fedel, challenged me to the “My Writing Process” blog tour. Sabrina is a MFA in Creative Writing Alum from Lesley University, where I am currently a grad student. Was I up for the blog tour challenge? Absolutely!


1. What am I working on?

I am on the final leg of editing my memoir about my pregnancy following the death of my second child. Editing this book has been challenging because I must constantly place myself back in the midst of an emotionally devastating time of my life – but I’m almost done! I am also working on essays for multiple publications including my ongoing column in Flurt Magazine. I write a great deal every single day and in a wide range of topics from art, grief and healing, self-esteem, the writer’s life, social commentary and profiles on interesting people. Not to mention blogging:,,, and soon – I blog a lot! I find all this writing exciting and the variety refreshing. Also in the mix, I am in the planning stages of my next book… but more on that in months to come.


2. How does my work differ from others of its genre?

This is the single most important question that every writer must define for themselves in order to be a success.

Regarding my current memoir, I believe what sets my work apart is its raw authenticity and vulnerability. I show myself at my worst; the darkest moments where I struggle and fail as a human being as I mourn my child and wrestle with my marriage and faith. It is scary to imagine others reading my book because it exposes so much, but at the same time I believe that the honesty I portray will resonate with others who have also lost a child and those that have experienced any kind of trauma. In the end, I hope this vulnerability will inspire and help readers as they navigate their own path to healing.

In the other writing that I do, the articles, essays, reviews, interviews; I believe my work makes people stop and ponder and even just laugh at life. These things are essentially me and are traced along each letter of every piece of my work.


3. Why do I write what I do?

In many ways I believe my current writing on bereavement and art for healing chose me, not the other way around. When my son died, he gave me a voice, passion and something important to say. That’s why I write what I do, it’s a legacy for my son birthed from empathy for others and a desire to be an encouragement.

At the same time, I do not want my work to be solely defined by this one niche. There is a lot I have to say and these new directions can be seen in all the current writing I am doing. I will always write from the place of a healing individual, because that is who I am, but I also have a cheeky side to my new work that I am excited to develop.


4. How does my writing process work?

My process is simple, really. I have 24 hours a day, just like everyone else. I say to myself, “Let’s see how much I can get accomplished,” and make a game out of it. If I have six hours to work but eight hours worth of work to do, I push myself and see how productive I can be.

My working process is like a race; sometimes I sprint, sometimes I jog, every once in a while I walk. My bad days are a slow limp – but I am always moving. I never stop. This relentless determination is a trait I got from my Mom. There is literally no stopping me and I will never give up.

In a passion/business like writing, perseverance is key.

While challenging myself, I always strive to be positive and accept that I am doing the best I can. It’s not always easy to show myself grace and understanding. I’m a pretty strict boss and I get along quite well with the drill sergeant in me. She barks out orders because there are always a plethora of deadlines and this energy fuels me to push myself to the limit.

My office chair is always warm; I sit down and get to work. Each and every day. I don’t give myself time for procrastination. It’s this ‘focus and get it done’ work ethic that energizes me. I love the feeling I get when I’ve accomplished something and that reward is highly motivating.


That’s it! That’s my writing life in a nutshell.

So, how about you? Are you up for the challenge? What is your writing process?

(Comment below or post on your own site and then share the link here.)

Here are some of my friend’s writing processes:

Sebrina Fedel

Cynthia Platt 

Welcome to the new AMC Art Portfolio site & Blog

With so many great things happening with my artwork and in my life as an artist I knew it was time for my art portfolio to receive a needed makeover. Welcome to my new site and blog! The look is a little different, mod with oodles of delicious white space. It feels like a breath of fresh air. I am so excited to share with you all my latest work as it unfolds, my artsy fartsy inspirations, exhibitions, happenings; the works!

Please subscribe to this blog by entering your email address in the ‘subscribe’ box on the right. I will be posting once a week and my subscribers will receive these post in a handy email. Also, please like my Facebook page and follow me on Twitter. There are lots of ways to connect!

Thank you to all my readers and I look forward to meeting you here.

Shortlisted for a Yeggie!

Is being nominated for a Yeggie like an Oscar or Grammy nomination? Well in the case of Edmonton new media – a Yeggie’s where it’s at.

I want to give a huge THANK YOU to everyone who nominated my blog writing for a Yeggie. My blog, Wanted, Chosen, Planned – Life after the Loss of a Child, made the shortlist for the category Best in Family & Parenting.

First of all I want to say that writing about my late son Zachary and our family’s journey after his death is more than an honor. Wanted, Chosen, Planned is dedicated to Zachary and I am so thankful that the legacy of his short life is that I may encourage and support others who have also lost a child. It is truly the greatest gift Zachary could have ever given me – apart from his life. I miss him daily but am glad to be making a difference. That part makes me smile. 

Yeggies photo copyright Alexis Marie Chute WRITE BLOG

The category description: The Best in Family or Parenting award is given to those who share insights into their own families or family in general online. They may call themselves Mommy Bloggers or Daddy Bloggers (though of course these categories are medium agnostic). Regardless of self-applied labels, they let us into their homes, and allow us to get to know their families — and perhaps even our own — through storytelling.

No word yet on the date of the awards night, but I’m sure it will be quite a party.