Be Encouraged! Dreams do Come True

Yes, the title of this blog post makes me sound like I’ve drunk too much Disney Kool-Aid. While I love fantasy, adventure, and magic, I’m not talking about these things right now. I’m talking about the dreams you have for your life.

When you were little, you imagined yourself doing and being something that made you come alive. Have you held on to that vision of yourself? I hope so!

I want to encourage you that life is so much more than:

Birth, school, marriage, kids, work, death.

Having passion and working towards achieving something meaningful to us brings meaning to all areas of our life. It can light us up even when we must put on our big girl and big boy underwear every day and go to school or work and be “adults” or “young adults.”

I titled this blog post—Be Encouraged! Dreams do Come True—not as someone who has “made-it,” but as someone who has faith in the journey and in one important analogy.

Planting seeds.

Planting seeds is one of the most powerful life analogies that I hold dear. This is what it means to me:

  • I choose to ACT and work my ass off doing small activities that move me closer to my dream = planting seeds
  • I am PATIENT, knowing that not all of these actions and activities (seeds) will grow; some being learning experiences only
  • I have FAITH that some actions and activities (seeds) will grow and that this growth happens without me realizing it = underground in the soil
  • In the meantime, I keep working (planting and watering) because I BELIEVE IN MYSELF = that’s what good farmers do
  • I CELEBRATE when opportunities open for me and I embrace the new changes these bring into my life = nurture the new plant, help it to thrive
  • I BUILD on these opportunities, deepening myself and my skills, and enjoying this season = harvest time
  • I take what I have learned, the new knowledge and confidence, and I use these to CONTINUE the journey to my ultimate goal = take the seeds from the first harvest and replant them
  • REPEAT : )

The path to our dreams is not a linear point A to point Z. It is cyclical, circular, seasonal. Like the planting and harvesting analogy.

We plant, water, wait, harvest, plant the new seeds, water, wait, harvest, REPEAT.

I am not sure which cycle I’m in, but I love the journey. I’m always learning and choosing to make the work fun. I keep the long-term goal in mind, ALWAYS. Because of this, I don’t get disheartened very often (I do get down sometimes, and impatient now and then, but not frequently).

I love planting seeds. I often have no idea what will sprout, so when something does, it’s a lovely surprise! And I do a happy dance and smile ear to ear when this happens.

It feels like a miracle, a breakthrough, a “lucky break,” but I know this is not true.

It is a seed!! A seed I watered and loved with sunshine and rain. It took its sweet time in showing up, but it is worth the wait.

Why this post you ask?

Why the reflection on seeds and growth?

Why now?

Just because! (This is a classic smart-ass answer, and I like being a little cheeky every so often)

I’m planting and I feel the earth rumbling beneath my feet. I’ll keep you posted on what breaks through the surface in my life—and I welcome you to do the same. Email me ( and let me know where you’re at on the planting-harvesting journey. I’d love to hear about your dreams and goals.

I posted not long ago that September feels like New Years to me. It’s a season of new starts, which is why I am extra aware of my goals, dreams, and the seeds I’m planting to get there right now.

I challenge you:

Work your ass off, plant seeds

Be patient and have faith

Practice your happy dance now because…

Harvest time is coming!!

Want to join me on this planting-harvesting journey?

Check out the events/opportunities/info below and let’s connect!!

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Thanks for reading!

   –   Alexis Marie Chute