Are you the future of photography?

InFocus Photography Exhibition and Award is looking for the next big name in photography in Canada. Why are you one to watch? What are you doing differently? What old technique are you making new? Tell us: what do you have to say?

One of the great things about being a curator of a group exhibition like InFocus, is that I have the privilege of seeing some of the most talented, forward-thinking and exciting artists. I am truly proud to be a part of this great show and cannot wait sift through all the amazing entries.

InFocus is a photography exhibition that welcomes any Canadian photographer to enter their work. You could call yourself an amateur, be a student, or a veteran pro. Whoever you are, whatever your subject; we want to see what you’ve got.


This year, the theme of InFocus Photo is… THE FUTURE.

This is a broad theme, open to interpretation. We welcome photographers to submit their best photography that relates to this theme in some way. It could connect through:
1. The technique used
2. The message conveyed, or
3. The subject of the photographs themselves

Here are some provoking questions when thinking about “The Future.”

  • What is the future of photography?
  • What makes Canadian photography distinct?
  • As a photographer, where are you going?
  • What do you have to say – and in what unique way are you saying it?
  • How does your photography provoke your viewers?
  • Why are you a photographer to watch – now and in the years to come?
  • What innovative techniques are you using or what old processes are you making new again?

The Future” is an abstract theme. We believe it can speak to all photographers, whatever the subject matter, including fine art, portraiture, nature, urban landscapes, editorial, commercial, conceptual, documentary, journalistic, social commentary, architectural, still life, wildlife, travel, multi-medium, three dimensional, and beyond.


Enter by October 16, 2016 for regular rate – $25 for 3 images

Extended deadline October 30, 2016 – $35 for 3 images

Enter online at

Learn more about InFocus at

Happy submitting!


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