Enter your Photo to InFocus before October 15

Enter your Photography to InFocus before October 15! Here is why:

The deadline for the InFocus Photo Exhibit is just over a month away. If you haven’t submitted yet, prep your strongest images! We are looking for the best photography by Alberta’s photographers. It is going to be an incredible exhibition, held at DC3 Art Projects during Exposure Photography Festival.

Do not miss out on this amazing opportunity!

The deadline is officially October 31, 2015, but for those who submit before October 15th, there is an added benefit. We will be choosing the image to represent InFocus from these early bird entries. Submit before October 15th! Don’t procrastinate!

InFocus Photography Exhibition 20115

InFocus Photography Exhibition 2015

More about InFocus:

MISSION: To promote and exhibit innovative, thoughtful, and provocative photography created by Alberta’s contemporary image makers.

WHEN: February 1 – 29, 2016

WHEREDC3 Art Projects (10567 111 St) commercial gallery in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

WHY: “Photography is the medium of our times.” – Exposure Photography Festival

Submission deadline: October 31, 2015. No Extensions. CLICK HERE TO ENTER.


The opening reception will take place on Thursday, February 4, 2016 from 7:00 to 10:00pm, with the curator talk and announcement of the People’s Choice Award winner at 7:30pm.

Click here to visit the InFocus Photo Exhibit page.

Click here to submit your photography to InFocus.

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Distracted Humans Article, Edmonton Woman Magazine

I’m proud to share my latest article for Edmonton Woman Magazine:

Alexis Marie Uncensored: Distracted Humans

In the article, I reflect on the distracted driving law in Edmonton. For me, writing this article was a great reminder to stay focused on the road – BUT there is also a more profound message to be gleaned. I don’t believe the law will make much of a difference, and here is why: We live in a distracted culture.

  • People find it hard to focus.
  • We multitask too frequently.
  • Sleep is fractured.
  • Technology allows us to stay connected 24/7.
  • We can check our status updates and news feeds in just a few swipes and clicks.

How many times have you had someone you were speaking with check their phone at the same time? Or look like they are not really listening but already planning their response? These are some of my pet peeves.

We are distracted humans.

When I reflect on this situation, I love to find the good. What is the cure for distraction? Focus of course!

Personally, I have found mindfulness an important practice in the pursuit of focus. Mindfulness is a type of meditation that encourages one to be present, in the moment, experiencing what is happening.

Mindfulness helps me to be in touch with my body, sensing what I need. Mindfulness keeps me focused on what is important in my life.

Have you ever tried mindfulness meditation?

Distracted Humans Edmonton Woman Magazine Alexis Marie Chute BLOG

Edmonton Woman Magazine cover, Sep/Oct 2015

Edmonton Woman Magazine cover, Sep/Oct 2015

Here is my Edmonton Woman article called “Riding High.”

Edmonton Woman article on “Motherhood.”



Back to School for the Artist & Photographer

Buying my daughter’s school supplies made me jealous. Her brand new pencil crayons, felts, erasers, paint, paper… There is something exciting about new art materials! They make my fingers dance eagerly while my mind imagines the dust of charcoal and my paint-covered apron.

Art supplies Alexis Marie Chute Art BLOG

Back to school marks a time to get focused and resume routines long forgotten over the summer.

  • It’s a time to buy the books on the book list.
  • Stock the backpack.
  • Pull on the new shoes.
  • Fill the binders with paper.
  • Organize the calendar.
  • Get on track with work and life…

Oops! I may have mixed my own back to school list with my kids’ just now – but adults tend to get back into the swing of things in September just like children. The vacation is over. The sleep bank has been filled (hopefully) and soon the tan has already faded.

I think September is an excellent time to make resolutions; maybe an even better time than New Years.

Over the summer I love to read as many books as possible, daydream about my art and plan how my work will move forward.

It’s almost the end of September, baby!

For me, I am excited to reestablish regular art-making and writing routines this autumn. There are a lot of big projects coming up that were hard to focus on over the summer when my kids were calling me to play.

Now is the time. 

Art supplies pastels Alexis Marie Chute Art BLOG

One of the things on my list this fall is the InFocus Photo Exhibit. We are currently accepting submissions until the end of October. If you are an Alberta photographer, click here to learn more.

I also have a plethora of book projects I’m working on and am eager to stretch some canvases and get painting…

Truly, September is a time of invigoration and new energy!

What will be keeping you busy this fall?

Do you love “back to school” time – or hate it? (No judgement!)

What art project did you put aside over the summer that you will be picking up again?

Happy art-making!

– Alexis Marie

What makes you a Curious Artist?

Kids are curious – although my five-year-old just told me that she knows more than me. Apparently she has the answer to everything. I laugh to myself. It has begun already! She seems so young to think she knows it all…

Do you still find yourself curious? Or do you know everything? That’s a rhetorical question!

Let’s see what Leo Burnett, the famous American advertising executive, has to say about curiosity. Next in our series – quote #2:

“Curiosity about life in all of its aspects, I think, is still the secret of great creative people.” – Leo Burnett


Curiosity is important, not just for artists, photographers, musicians, designers, writers, and the creative-lot alike; everyone can benefit from curiosity.


  • Is a path to learning new things
  • Keeps you growing as a person
  • Develops meaningful interests
  • Makes your artwork more intriguing
  • Causes you to ask the right questions
  • Helps you get to know people better

Over the summer I read a great (and curious!) novel by Jonathan Safran Foer called Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close. The main character is a young boy named Oskar…


… I just realized: it’s fitting that I am reflecting on this book today, since it is September 11. This was not intentional, but my subconscious is tuned-in to the date I suppose. Who can even say September 11 without remembering where they were when it happened? Today, and every day, my heart goes out to all those affected by the events that took place back in 2001. Not long ago I visited the site of the Twin Towers and my heart broke – there were so many names lining the fountain memorials. Too many names…)

Back to the novel: the story is about Oskar’s search for a lock to match the key he found in his father’s belongings. Oskar’s father died in the 911 tragedy.

The author has done a remarkable job of writing from Oskar’s perspective. Oskar’s mind never stops and one idea leads to another. He is the embodiment of curiosity. He wonders about everything… sometimes it can be a little exhausting, but because of his curiosity, he is such an interesting character and comes up with truly novel ideas.

If you have time to read Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close, I’d recommend it. On a side note, it was a very gentle take on the 911 tragedy. It made me reflect on the heartache from a child’s perspective.

Artists – creative people in general – are and should be curious. I believe it is curiosity that prompts art in the first place. Art is curious because:

  • It asks us questions of ourselves, the one who made it
  • It asks questions about the world
  • It asks questions about culture, society, race, religion

Change comes because of questions and questions come because of curiosity.

Have you gotten bored? If so, it’s time to get inspired! Visit an art gallery or museum, read something new, travel to a foreign destination, meet new people, take a class. Curiosity is within your control.

What are you curious about?

How do you feed your curiosity?

Best wishes to you as you pursue your creative passions!

– Alexis Marie

InFocus Photo Exhibit: Meet the Curator

InFocus Photo Exhibit: Meet the Curator

In case you don’t know me already: my name is Alexis Marie Chute! I am the curator for the annual InFocus Photography Exhibition. You can read my bio by clicking here.

Background of InFocus:

I came up with the idea for InFocus after learning that Exposure Photography Festival 2015 was going to be Alberta-wide. In previous years, the festival only included Calgary, Banff and Canmore. I saw this as an important opportunity to include Edmonton photographers into the celebration and conversation about contemporary photography. Thus, the InFocus Edmonton exhibition took place last February 2015, showcasing 30 image-makers from the city and area. Over 250 visitors took in the exhibit over its three day run.


After InFocus Edmonton, my organization and curatorial work for the exhibit was recognized at the annual Mayor’s Celebration of the Arts, in association with PACE Edmonton. I was honoured to accept the John Poole Award for Promotion of the Arts. InFocus was my labor of love, with my InFocus Team, and the exhibit was reward in and of itself. However, the award was a wonderful confirmation that InFocus met many of its important goals.

InFocus Photo 2016:

Moving forward, I want to ensure InFocus does not remain insular. New ideas and perspectives from across the province will come together in this year’s exhibit. Therefore, the call for submissions was extended to photographers from across Alberta for 2016. I believe this decision will set the bar high, allowing our province’s pivotal image-makers to unite in one exhibition. It will be a great statement to the photographic creativity in our province and allow us to comment on our place in the contemporary photography scene.

Why Submit to InFocus 2016:

If you are an Alberta photographer, I hope you consider submitting to InFocus. It is a great opportunity for many reasons:

  • Recognition across Alberta and Canada as a top photographer
  • Exhibition credit in the commercial gallery, DC3 Art Projects
  • Promote and sell your work to a wide audience
  • Become a member of the InFocus alumni, honoured at all InFocus exhibits
  • Participation in Exposure Photography Festival
  • Connect with other photographers and organizations
  • Share your creative vision and the story behind your work

alexis marie chute curator infocus photo exhibit art blog

What I’m looking for:

As a curator, here is what I look for in the images that will make up the 2016 InFocus Exhibition. (I realize this list is vague, just as describing art itself is subjective and somewhat “in the eye of the beholder.” Still, I hope this list will cause a moment of pause as you consider which images to submit.)

  • Inventiveness
  • Technical skill
  • Creativity
  • Meaning
  • Artistry

Thank you for getting to know a little bit more about me and InFocus. I look forward to your submissions and seeing you at the exhibit.