Art on the Block Photos, Art Gallery of Alberta

The Art Gallery of Alberta knows how to put on a fun party. Their fundraiser this year was no exception. Here are a few pictures from Art on the Block at the Art Gallery of Alberta.

Alexis Marie & Aaron Chute, image copyright Alexis Marie Chute

Alexis Marie & Aaron Chute, image copyright Alexis Marie Chute

"Blue Flow" acrylic painting copyright Alexis Marie Chute

“Blue Flow” acrylic painting copyright Alexis Marie Chute

Mayor Don Iveson & Alexis Marie Chute, image copyright Alexis Marie Chute

Mayor Don Iveson & Alexis Marie Chute, image copyright Alexis Marie Chute

Aaron Chute at the silent auction, copyright Alexis Marie Chute

Aaron Chute at the silent auction, copyright Alexis Marie Chute

Art on the  Block, Art Gallery of Alberta, copyright Alexis Marie Chute

Art on the Block, Art Gallery of Alberta, copyright Alexis Marie Chute

Photos of Words in 3 Dimensions Conference

Last weekend was an awesome literary happening in Edmonton and I was so honoured to be a part of it. Words in 3D – D meaning dimensions: writing, editing and publishing – brought together many creative individuals from all over the country for interesting sessions, keynotes and networking.

I taught two awesome workshops and the positive feedback has been rolling in steadily ever since. If you would like more information about the workshops I taught – or to bring them to your writing group or organization – please email me at

How to take a Picture Worthy of your Words

Memorable Memoir: Writing Personal Stories

I also mentored writers in the Blue Pencil Cafe. If you are interested in my mentoring, please click here for more information.

Here are some photos from the weekend.


Copyright Alexis Marie Chute


Participants of Memorable Memoir focused in the act of writing during one of the exercises. Copyright Alexis Marie Chute


Paul Matwychuk (NeWest Press), Kelsey Attard (Freehand Books), and Micheline Maylor (Freefall literary magazine) made up the panel in the discussion Beyond the Big Three: Niche and Regional Publishers. Image copyright Alexis Marie Chute


Breaking through the Noise: Inventive Marketing, taught by Harper Collins Canada’s Marketing Director, Cory Beatty. Image copyright Alexis Marie Chute


Getting Published in the 21st Century, taught by Literary agent Carly Watters. Image copyright Alexis Marie Chute


The beautiful view from the Chateau Lacombe Hotel. Image copyright Alexis Marie Chute


Hedy Bach Photography: Special Guest Post

Alexis Marie: I am excited to kick off the InFocus Alumni photography blog series with Hedy Bach. She is a perceptive and thoughtful woman, not to mention a blossoming photographer. I hope you enjoy her words and images.

Welcome Hedy!




Some days opening up an email can be both joyous and a grateful surprise.


Dec 14, 2014 at 8:58 PM, InfocusYEG <> wrote: 

Dear Hedy Bach,

Congratulations! I am happy to inform you that your work has been selected for the inaugural InFocus Edmonton exhibition!


Alexis Marie Chute, Curator


We have chosen your following image for InFocus:


Hedy Bach Photography

Copyright Hedy Bach


Through the encouragement of my dear friend Eva I had entered my photography work to the InFocus Edmonton exhibition…so having my photograph selected by Alexis Marie along side of other local photographer’s works for this exhibition was both exciting and humbling…now I hope these sorts of experiences will be followed by many other photography exhibitions.


As an image-maker I study how the world around me looks and sounds through ordinary harmony and fittingness. I work daily with my camera and with words to compose beautiful “thought things” (Arendt, 1978) as a way to form ideas and to inspire reflection and rumination; perhaps start a conversation.  I am intentional in choosing to photograph my life with beauty… beauty as consoling, disturbing, sacred, profane; it can be exhilarating, appealing, inspiring, chilling. And it may affect us in unlimited ways. Yet it is never viewed with indifference.


Hedy Bach Photography

Copyright Hedy Bach


Exploring Scruton’s (2009) concept of beauty, means I ask what makes an object – either in art, in nature, or the human form – beautiful? I examine how I compare differing judgements/positions of beauty when it is evident all around us knowing that aesthetic tastes vary widely. I often ask myself is there a right judgement to be made about beauty? In my image based work I try to create a sense of meaning in the beautiful objects and experiences that fill my life.


My photographs are allegories for my understandings of human desire for settlement of spaces and places in which people and things fit together. I appreciate beauty along side of my sense of “disinterested interest.” as I try to negotiate my subjectivities of looking and composing my “thought things” with ideas of why beauty matters, to see the remedy of beauty as an instrument of peace.


Hedy Bach Photography

Copyright Hedy Bach

Please contact Hedy Bach:


Special Guest Blog Posts by InFocus Alumni Photographers

Starting on Tuesday, I am honoured to share the work of some truly interesting photographers. These individuals were featured in the inaugural InFocus Exhibit held at Harcourt House Artist Run Centre this past February in Edmonton. InFocus was a huge success. Over 250 people visited the show over two days and at the opening reception I was thrilled to announce some good news.

InFocus will be an annual exhibit during Exposure Photography Festival. That means the discovery and promotion of more unique and cutting edge photography and more support for our creative community. InFocus will run the entire month of February, 2016, and will be held at a DC3 Art Projects in Edmonton. 2015 was open to Edmonton and area photographers, but soon the call for submissions will be released welcoming images from photographers across Alberta. There is so much to look forward to!

I am proud to curate InFocus. For more information, please click here. To receive blog updates and info about the call for submissions, please subscribe.

Here is the schedule of InFocus Photographers who will be sharing their passion for photography with us:

Hedy Bach – Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Martin Snider – Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Candace Makowichuk – Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Gerry Dotto – Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Wilfred Kozub – Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Robert Pohl – Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Mentoring for the Modern Writer

Your writing is too important not to search out the support you need to take it to the next level. No matter what genre, I am the cheerleader you’ve always dreamed of rooting for you, and the coach you’ve always wished would see your potential and push you to succeed.

I have been mentoring people for years, though not always calling it as such. I have helped creative individuals utilize their talents, work smarter not harder, tap into the potential of blogging, social networks and other forms of marketing, and hone their literary craft to say exactly what they mean – and to do all this with style. I am the encouragement you need when you feel stuck.

Let me help you be excellent at all you do.

Mentorship Magic Alexis Marie Chute Artist Mentor art BLOG

Alright. Alright. That’s enough! It’s boring to toot my own horn. Here is what one of my current clients has to say:

My mentoring sessions with Alexis Marie changed my view on how I was doing things. I learned that I wasn’t doing anything wrong, but that there are so many more things I could be doing right. I no longer sit around and wait to be discovered, I go out into the world and make people discover me.

Alexis Marie gave me direction, and taught me ways of achieving my goals I didn’t know existed. She taught me how to connect with people through words and construct a more powerful self-image that people would be intrigued with. I learned how to turn my weakness into strength and how to use my strength in the right way. Before Alexis Marie’s mentoring I was running in circles, now I’m finally on the right track.

Evan Crawford, up-and-coming musician @ecrawfordmusic


If you are curious about mentoring, send me an email at and book a session. The best way to see if I can assist you on your creative journey is by getting started. Let’s do that today.

Best wishes for all your writing projects!



Support the Art Gallery of Alberta at Art on the Block

The annual fundraiser for the Art Gallery of Alberta is three days away! Do you have your tickets to Art on the Block? If not, click here to purchase. The event looks wildly entertaining this year, with a theme of outbidding your friends. There is so much awesome artwork. Check out the fundraiser website by clicking here to preview the show. Aaron and I will be there. If you can make it, come and say hello.

AOTB2015_Evite CS5.indd


Art on the Block 2015

Friday, May 8, 7-10pm

2 Sir Winston Churchill Square, Edmonton

Tickets: $135 (A portion of the price is eligible for a charitable tax receipt via the CRA)

7pm – Reception and the start of the silent auction

9pm – First block closes

10pm – Final block closes

10:30pm – Auction item pick-up begins   

The event includes music, cocktails, and gourmet bites from Zinc restaurant.


Check out the painting I donated to the fundraiser. Come and bid!

Alexis Marie Chute Art on the Block Art Gallery of Alberta Blue Flow Painting


Art is part of who I am, the AR&S Gallery at the AGA represent my work and I am happy to support them right back! That’s why I donated one of my paintings for the event.