I’m Already Preparing for National Novel Writing Month

NaNoWriMo 2015. This November. Are you planning ahead?

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InFocus Photography Exhibit Update

InFocus 2015 was a huge success that saw over 250 people visit the exhibition at Harcourt House this past February during Exposure Photography Festival. Planning is already underway for InFocus 2016 and over the next ten months new exciting details and opportunities will be revealed! Click here to view the InFocus info page which will be updated regularly. Stay tuned for the call for submissions.

InFocus Photography Exhibition 20115

InFocus Photography Exhibition 2015

For now, here is the WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, WHY & HOW for the next InFocus Photography Exhibit:

WHAT: A celebration of the best images and image-makers from across the province of Alberta.

WHEN: February 1 – 29, 2016

WHERE: DC3 Art Projects commercial gallery in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

WHY: “Photography is the medium of our times.” – Exposure Photography Festival

HOW: We will be opening the submissions for InFocus 2016 soon! Please check back here often for updates and submission details. Also, subscribe to the AMC blog to receive notifications. For now, prepare your best work! We look forward to your submissions. Email Alexis Marie info@alexismariechute.com with your address to be added to our mailing list.


InFocus Edmonton 2015 Alexis Marie Chute artist curator photography 03 blog

InFocus Photography Exhibition 2015

Over the next few months I will be sharing guest blog posts by the 2015 InFocus Alumni. They will write about their work and inspiration as photographers and their experience in InFocus. I’m eager to read their stories!

Here are the confirmed photographers who will be guest blogging here on Alexis Marie Art:

Hedy Bach

Gerry Dotto

Curtis Trent

Candace Makowichuk

Robert Pohl

Al Dixon

Martin Snider

InFocus Edmonton 2015 Alexis Marie Chute artist curator photography 01 blog

InFocus Photography Exhibition 2015


Below you will find contact info to help you stay connected to some of the amazing photographers from our 2015 InFocus exhibit:


Hedy Bach 

Company Name: Hedy Bach consulting

Website: http://sloppybuddhist.com/

Email Address: hefbach@gmail.com / hbach@ualberta.ca

Phone: 780-819-7762

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/hedy.bach

Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/hefbach

Tumblr Page: http://hedybach.tumblr.com/



Gerry Dotto

Website:  gerrydotto.com

Email:  gerry@gerrydotto.com



Al Dixon

Company Name:  Al Dixon Photography

Website:  www.aldixonphotography.com

Email Address:  info@aldixonphotography.com

Phone:  (780) 915 3674

Facebook Page:  www.facebook.com/AlDixonPhotography

Twitter Handle:  @Al_D_Photo



Christopher Shaw





Name: Candace Makowichuk
Company Name: Sunprint Studio
Website: www.candacemakowichuk.com
email: cmakowichuk@telus.net
Facebook page:Photography by Candace Makowichuk
twitter: sunprintstudio

Brady Simpson






Akemi Matsubuchi

company: Akemi Matsubuchi Photography

website: www.matsubuchi.ca (website still under construction)

email: akemiphotog@gmail.com

phone: 780 619-9783

twitter: akemimats



Martin Snider

Company Name: Glovebox Photography

Website: www.gloveboxphotography.com

Email Address: mjrsnider11@gmail.com

Phone: 780-803-4240

Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/gloveboxphotography

Instagram @m.j.r.snider



Kevin Tuong

Company Name: KTB Photography

Website: www.ktbphotography.ca (Commercial) & www.kevintuong.com (Personal)

Email Address: kevin@ktbphotography.ca

Phone: 780-952-1608

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/kevin.tuong.3

Twitter Handle: @KevinTuong

Google+:  https://plus.google.com/u/0/+KevinTuong/posts



Bri Vos

Company Name: Detour Photography

Website: www.detourphotography.ca

Email Address: bri@detourphotography.ca

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/detourphotography

Twitter Handle: @detourphoto

Instagram – @detourphoto



Eric Petersen

Website: https://500px.com/theruggedone

Email Address:  eric@prosperityengine.ca

Phone: 780-266-0003

Twitter Handle: @ericpet



Chan Rin

Company Name: Vivid Ribbon Photography & Design

Website: www.vividribbon.ca

Email: chan.rin@vividribbon.ca

Phone: 780-266-5162

Facebook: www.facebook.com/vividribbon

Twitter: @vivid_ribbon

Instagram: @vividribbon

Karue Wachira

Company Name: Karue Wachira Photography

Website: www.karuewachiraphotography.com

Email Address: karuewachira@gmail.com

Phone: 306 830 0380

Facebook Page: Karue Wachira Photography

Twitter Handle: @Qarue

InFocus Photography Exhibition 2015

InFocus Photography Exhibition 2015


New Column in Edmonton Woman Magazine: ALEXIS MARIE UNCENSORED

I am very pleased to announce that I have been asked to write a column for Edmonton Woman Magazine. My first article for them will be published in their May/June issue.


Oh boy, this is going to be fun!

Alexis Marie Chute artist writer author photographer blog 2

I will be writing about all kinds of topics from sex (ooh la la), marriage, parenting, careers, feminine identity, and exercise. If you have a topic you want unearthed, or at least picked at and prodded with curiosity, comment here or pop me an email at info@alexismariechute.com.

The uncensored quality of my column will stem from the honest approach I take in my writing. There will be no sugar coating the facts. No extreme polite, politically correct nonsense. Yes, I am a Canadian so my manners will remain intact. Still, I ardently believe we all are hungry for the meat of life, those things that really matter – delivered with all the garnishing of course. That is what my column will be: a tasty, hardy mental treat. Now that’s a mouthful! (And I’m getting hungry…)

I will post here when my articles are live (in print and online). Stay tuned!

Check out Edmonton Woman Magazine by clicking here.

Mayor’s Celebration of the Arts PHOTOS & a BIG Thank-You from Alexis Marie Chute for the John Poole Promotion of the Arts Award, Edmonton

Last night the Mayor’s Celebration of the Arts honoured local individuals and organizations that play a key role in Edmonton’s creative community.


Congratulations to all the nominees and winners in all categories!

Mayor’s Award for Innovative Support by a Business for the Arts
Recognizing a local business that has invested in an arts organization, event, project or individual artist in the greater Edmonton area in a creative and original manner.
WINNER: Happy Harbor Comics, nominated by Jeff Martin
• Print Machine, nominated by Common Ground Arts Society

MCA2015 ALEXIS MARIE CHUTE 005 happy harbor comics art blog

Mayor’s Award for Sustained Support of the Arts
Recognizing a business or an individual that has demonstrated an ongoing commitment to investing in Edmonton’s arts and culture industry through a specific arts organization, event, individual artist, or widespread investment in the arts.
• ATB Financial, nominated by the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra
WINNER: Audreys Books, nominated by LitFest and the Alberta Book Fair Society
• Pardee Badyal, nominated by Marlaina Eldey

MCA2015 ALEXIS MARIE CHUTE 006 Audreys books art blog

John Poole Award for Promotion of the Arts
Recognizing an individual, arts organization, media organization or business that has promoted the arts in a distinctly creative or exceptional manner.
WINNER: Alexis Marie Chute, nominated by Wes Lafortune
• What It Is Podcast, nominated by Maggie Baird

MCA2015 ALEXIS MARIE CHUTE 020 art blog Mayors Art Awards John Poole Promotion of the Arts edmonton

My selfie with Mayor Don Iveson

My selfie onstage with Mayor Don Iveson

ATB Financial Ambassador of the Arts Award
Recognizing a mid-career individual or organization successful on a national or international level, that enlightens audiences and promotes Edmonton’s rich cultural, performance or visual arts scene in an extraordinary way.
• Catalyst Theatre, nominated by Janine Andrews
• Chris Craddock, nominated by Trevor Schmidt
WINNER: Rapid Fire Theatre, nominated by the Rapid Fire Theatre Board of Directors
• Tammy-Jo Mortensen, nominated by Jennifer Annesley

MCA2015 ALEXIS MARIE CHUTE 009 rapid fire theatre art blog

Youth Artist Award
Recognizing the importance of art and design to a youth’s education, and encouraging the development and education of young artists.
• Collective Conscience, nominated by Eagle Vision Music and Design Studio
WINNER: Keiran MacDonald, nominated by Victoria School of the Arts

MCA2015 ALEXIS MARIE CHUTE 010 art blog

DIALOG Award for Excellence in Artistic Direction
Recognizing the outstanding achievement of an artistic leader in a specific arts discipline, actively leading and working in the greater Edmonton arts and culture sector.
WINNER: Amy Shostak, nominated by Christopher Samuel
• Byron Trevor Martin, nominated by Brianne Jang
• John Hudson, nominated by Heidi Collins-McCann
• Steve Pirot, nominated by The Nextfest Arts Company
• Gabriela Jessome, nominated by Sara Hernandez Madden and Trevor Madden

MCA2015 ALEXIS MARIE CHUTE 011 Amy Shostak art blog

Mile Zero Dance Progressive Artist Award
Recognizing the achievements of Edmonton-based artists who actively work in the arts and engage with the community in challenging and exciting ways.
• Amy Shostak, nominated by Christopher Samuel
• Kelsie Acton, nominated by Brooke Leifso
• Chaka Zinyemba, nominated by Tinashe Mtshiya
WINNER: Paul Freeman, nominated by the Nina Haggerty Centre for the Arts
• Jeannie Vandekerkhove, nominated by Daniela Masellis

MCA2015 ALEXIS MARIE CHUTE 013 Paul Freeman art blog

Northlands Award for an Emerging Artist
Recognizing Edmonton’s valued, upcoming professionals – artists who, in the early stages of their careers, demonstrate exceptional talent and accomplishments, as well as a unique artistic expression and commitment to the arts in the Edmonton region.
• Giselle Denis, nominated by Glori Meldrum
• Jake Hastey, nominated by Richelle Thoreson
• KazMega, nominated by Roya Yazdanmehr
WINNER: Ahmed Knowmadic, nominated by Muna Saleh
• Nuela Charles, nominated by Andrew Miller
• Cayley Thomas, nominated by the International Day of Personal with Disabilities Planning Committee for Edmonton

MCA2015 ALEXIS MARIE CHUTE 014 Amhed art blog

Robert Kroetsch City of Edmonton Book Prize
Recognizing written work which deals with some aspect of the city of Edmonton: history, geography, current affairs, its arts or its people or is written by an Edmonton author.
WINNER: Rudy Wiebe, Come Back, Penguin Random House Canada
• Tim Bowling, Circa Nineteen Hundred and Grief, Gaspereau Press
• Greg Bechtel, Boundary Problems, Freehand Books

MCA2015 ALEXIS MARIE CHUTE 015 Rudy Wiebe art blog

ATCO Gas Award for Outstanding Lifetime Achievement
Recognizing an individual who, over a minimum of 25 years, has made an outstanding contribution to the arts in Edmonton.
• After careful deliberation, the awards jury for the ATCO Gas Award for Outstanding Lifetime Achievement is honouring just one individual, a true Edmonton gem, a musical legend who has celebrated a wildly successful career here at home and around the world. Tommy Banks wins the 2015 ATCO Gas Award for Outstanding Lifetime Achievement!

MCA2015 ALEXIS MARIE CHUTE 016 Tommy banks art blog

Syncrude Award For Excellence in Arts Management
Recognizing individuals or organizations who have demonstrated innovation, leadership and vision in the management of a professional arts organization.
• Daniel Cournoyer, nominated by the Film and Visual Arts Society of Alberta
• Jesse Szymanski, nominated by Ron E. Scott
• Jill Roszell, nominated by Rose Ginther
WINNER: Karen Brown-Fournell, nominated by Christine DeWitt
• Paul Matwychuk, nominated by NeWest Press

MCA2015 ALEXIS MARIE CHUTE 017 Karen Brown Fournell art blog 

TELUS Courage to Innovate Award
Recognizing an individual or organization that has displayed the courage to take artistic risks and embrace innovation in artistic expression, resulting in a unique and distinctive project.
WINNER: Amber Borotsik, nominated by Ben Sures
• Ariane Mahryke Lemire, nominated by Chris Martin
• Chaka Zinyemba, nominated by Nonsikelelo Mathe
• The Cultural Association Folklorical Ballet Mexico Lindo of Alberta, nominated by Sara Hernandez Madden and Trevor Madden

MCA2015 ALEXIS MARIE CHUTE 018 Amber Borotsik art blog

If any of the winners would like high resolution images of the above, please email me  info@alexismariechute.com

The artwork on the screen is by Jason Carter. 


It was wonderful to receive the John Poole Promotion of the Arts Award. I do a lot of volunteering and advocacy work, but in particular I was nominated by Exposure Photography Festival for my role during the festival in Edmonton by promoting and exhibiting Edmonton and area photographers.

I want to give a BIG THANK YOU to Pace Edmonton, Mayor Iveson, John Poole, the selection jury, Wes Lafortune, all the 2015 InFocus Photographers, my AMAZING husband and creative partner Aaron Chute, my kids (Hannah, Zachary & Eden), and  my parents, family and friends.

“Behind every great woman there is a team of people holding her up.” – Alexis Marie Chute

To them, I offer my sincerest gratitude, today and always.  



Celebrating with hubby Aaron Chute



PRESS RELEASE: Mayor Don Iveson awards Alexis Marie Chute the John Poole Award for Promotion of the Arts

Last night’s spirited Mayor’s Celebration of the Arts event at the Winspear recognized many talented artists and organizations for their contribution to our city. Alexis Marie Chute, up-and-coming artist, writer, photographer and arts advocate, was awarded the John Poole Promotion for the Arts award. The award recognizes the promotion of the arts in a distinctly creative or exceptional manner.

“The jury selected Alexis Marie Chute for this award because of the scope and depth of her work to promote Edmonton arts and artists to a wide audience here in our city and beyond,” said Mayor Don Iveson to the audience as he handed Chute her award, a Bronze sculpture by Edmonton artist Catherine Burgess.

Alexis Marie Chute was nominated by Wes Lafortune, the director of Exposure Photography Festival. It was just this February 2015 which saw the festival expand its territory to all of Alberta (previously only in Calgary, Banff and Canore). With this news, Chute conceived of an event called InFocus Edmonton, a group photography exhibition of Edmonton and area photographers. The exhibit shone the spotlight on local image-makers within the city. Chute curated the more than 200 submissions, creating an exhibit that celebrated thirty local photographers. She looked for the strongest visual images and the collection of individuals that were selected included well known photographers, professionals, amateurs, and students.

The reach of InFocus was significant. InFocus was celebrated across the province and Edmontonians respond very positively to the event, seen through their prolific promotion of the exhibit on Facebook, Twitter, event pages and blogs. InFocus become a community exhibition that many took tremendous pride in. In this way it set itself apart from other arts events because of this feeling of collaboration that Alexis Marie fostered.

Over 250 people visited InFocus at Harcourt House Artist Run Centre over its two-day run and Chute filled the gallery space with live music by local performer Mohsin Zaman. Chute was intentional in making InFocus an accessible event for all Edmontonians. It was free to visit the gallery, curator talk and reception. It was also important to the mission of InFocus that photographers gain all monies generated from their sales. No commissions were taken and Chute believes this encouraged and stimulated both purchasers in financial support for artists and also rewarded the creative vision and skill of the featured photographers.

At InFocus, Chute announced that it would become an annual exhibition in Edmonton. DC3 Art Projects, a new commercial gallery in Edmonton, had already signed up to showcase InFocus in 2016 for the entire run of Exposure during the month of February.

Alexis Marie Chute has received many distinctions for her creative work and, outside of InFocus, she volunteers on the board of the Canadian Author’s Association and mentors artists, writers, musicians and other individuals in creative fields within our city. PhotoLife Magazine named her an “Emerging Canadian Photographer,” she was the 2012/2013 Artist in Residence at Harcourt House Artist Run Centre, and Avenue Magazine named her a Top 40 Under 40. Chute is a tireless supporter of the arts in our city and shares her passion with her more than 17 thousand followers on Twitter and on her blog www.AlexisMarieArt.com.


To book an interview contact: Alexis Marie Chute 780-499-4311 or

info@alexismariechute.com and visit www.AlexisMarieChute.com for more information

Get Focused, Be Productive & Tap into your Creativity through Mentorship

Why spin your wheels in frustration, never getting anywhere in your artistic practice? Instead, receive truly helpful insight that will propel you forward faster than you could have ever imagined. Artists. Writes. Authors. Musicians. Dancers. Filmmakers. Directors. Actors. Sculptors. Curators. Gallerists. I can help you with your creative business. I am the mentor you have been looking for.

Mentorship Magic Alexis Marie Chute Artist Mentor art BLOG

I have mentored people for over a decade. I have taught them how to market themselves, how to write about their creative work, how to price their services, how to pitch their work, how to get out of the creative rut and into the groove, and how to be exceptional at their craft, business and as human beings. What a brilliant collaboration!

I grew up in a family of business people. While I am an artist through and through, I am able to see the full picture. In mentorship sessions, I (1) LISTEN, (2) BRAINSTORM with you, (3) ADVISE on how to move forward in your passions with style and purpose.

The value of this mentorship is $50/hour and we will talk by phone or skype. Email me to learn more and get started. Let’s book your first session! info@alexismariechute.com

Here is a testimonial by up-and-coming musician Evan Crawford:

“Alexis Marie gave me direction, and taught me ways of achieving my goals I didn’t know existed. She taught me how to connect with people through words and construct a more powerful self-image that people would be intrigued with. I learned how to turn my weakness into strength and how to use my strength in the right way. Before Alexis Marie’s mentoring I was running in circles, now I’m finally on the right track.

My mentoring sessions with Alexis Marie changed my view on how I was doing things. I learned that I wasn’t doing anything wrong, but there is so many more things I could be doing right. I no longer sit around and wait to be discovered, I go out into the world and make people discover me.”

Listen & follow Evan’s music on Reverbnation and visit Evan on Facebook.


I look forward to chatting with you!



Have you Registered for the Words in 3D Conference?

Writing conferences are amazing. First, you get out of your lonely writing spot and meet other like-minded individuals. Second, it is a focused time to feed your creative soul. I am presenting two workshops at the Words in 3D Conference but I also registered for some sessions to fuel the hungry writer in me.

Words in 3d Conference 2015 Alexis Marie Chute Writer Author

Here is the info about the conference:

Words in 3Dimensions Conference

Three conferences in one: Writing/Editing/Publishing

May 22-24, 2015

Chateau Lacombe Hotel

Edmonton, Alberta

Click here to visit the conference website, review the schedule and register. 


Here are my sessions:

How to Take a Picture Worthy of Your Words

Saturday, May 23
11:30 a.m. – 12:45 p.m.

Covering the basics of good photography, including exposure, composition, and technical requirements for different publications, Alexis Marie Chute shares what writers need to know about taking great photos for their projects. This session includes a group brainstorm for attendees’ current projects and recommendations from Alexis Marie on making your photography a stronger statement to support your words.

Saturday, May 23, 2015 – 11:30

Memorable Memoir: Writing Personal Stories

Saturday, May 23
4:00 – 5:15 p.m.

Alexis Marie Chute offers tools and techniques for writing your personal story: removing sentimentality, finding alternatives to strict chronological structure, and building authenticity. Featuring memory recall exercises, this presentation is a must-see for anyone writing personal narratives.

Saturday, May 23, 2015 – 16:00

Blue Pencil Café

“At Blue Pencil Café, conference participants get the opportunity for one-on-one mentoring sessions with experienced writers or editors. Bring a writing sample to review, ask your questions, get advice — the Blue Pencil mentors are here as a resource for you!”

Each session will be 20 minutes long.

Some mentors require writing samples in advance (I do please!).


If you are interested in meeting me at the Blue Pencil Café, here is some info about me so we can go into our time together well acquainted:

Alexis Marie Chute

Alexis Marie Chute Headshot - black and white 001 - BLOG SIZE square

BFA, MFA Candidate, Artist & Writer

Alexis Marie Chute is an award winning artist, photographer and writer. She is an Avenue Magazine “Top 40 Under 40” and was named an “Emerging Canadian Photographer” by Photo Life Magazine. She was the 2012/2013 Artist in Residence at Harcourt House Artist Run Centre and her artwork is represented by Method Art Gallery in Scottsdale Arizona and by the AR&S Gallery at the Art Gallery of Alberta. Her writing has been published in the Three Minus One anthology and with the Women’s Art Museum Society of Canada, along with other credits including Today’s ParentThe Times Colonist and Flurt magazine. Her first book, a memoir about motherhood and loss, is forthcoming.


I look forward to seeing you at Words in 3D!



Art on the Block coming soon at the Art Gallery of Alberta

I love the taglines for this year’s Art on the Block fundraiser for the Art Gallery of Alberta:



“Show no mercy in the name of art.”


The idea is to bid a lot and often and compete with other art lovers for prized artwork. All the proceeds go towards funding the educational programs and exhibitions at the gallery.


Art is part of who I am, the AR&S Gallery at the AGA represent my work and I am happy to support them right back! That’s why I donated one of my paintings for the event. Check it out:

Alexis Marie Chute Art on the Block Art Gallery of Alberta Blue Flow Painting


Make sure to mark your calendars and purchase tickets to Art on the Block. It will be a silent auction and fundraising gala like no other.

Art on the Block 2015

Friday, May 8, 7-10pm

2 Sir Winston Churchill Square, Edmonton

Tickets: $135 (A portion of the price is eligible for a charitable tax receipt via the CRA)

7pm – Reception and the start of the silent auction

9pm – First block closes

10pm – Final block closes

10:30pm – Auction item pick-up begins   

The event includes music, cocktails, and gourmet bites from Zinc restaurant.


Check out all the artists that have donated artwork to the fundraiser on the Art on the Block website. This is a great way to plan your bids and get excited for the event. I look forward to seeing you there!



Curatory Work Shortlisted for Promotion of the Arts Award

Curating InFocus photography exhibition was an awesome experience in and of itself, and so to be shortlisted for it in the John Poole Award for Promotion of the Arts is icing on the cake. The award is one of many given out at the Mayor’s Celebration of the Arts Awards hosted by the Professional Arts Coalition of Edmonton.

John Poole Award for Promotion of the Arts:

Recognizing an individual, arts organization, media organization or business that has promoted the arts in a distinctly creative or exceptional manner.

It is my pleasure to support the arts community in Edmonton. It is my community, my peer image-makers, artists, musicians, dancers, sculptors and other fellow creative individuals and organizations. I believe we will all flourish when we support and build each other up.

The inaugural InFocus exhibition, held during Exposure Photography Festival 2015, was a huge success! More than 200 people visited the show during its two-day run. Thirty photographers from Edmonton and area were promoted and their work championed for its artistic and technical skill. Most of the photographers were able to attend the opening and they shared their love of photography with all those who came to experience the show. The energy that surrounded the entire exhibition was tremendously positive, supportive and collaborative. Truly, we have much to be proud of.

I must acknowledge the tireless vision and execution assistance of my partner in InFocus: Aaron Chute. Without him, InFocus would not have been as technologically savvy or the artwork hung as precisely. Aaron, THANK YOU!

To those that nominated me for the John Poole Award for Promotion of the Arts, specifically Exposure Photography Festival manager Wes Lafortune and others, I wish to express my deep and heartfelt gratitude.

Attend the 28th Annual Mayor’s Celebration of the Arts, click here for tickets.

Exciting news with InFocus: Next year the exhibition will be held all month long in February at DC3 Art Projects. I’ll post more about InFocus 2016 and its call for submissions soon.