Shortlisted for a Yeggie!

Is being nominated for a Yeggie like an Oscar or Grammy nomination? Well in the case of Edmonton new media – a Yeggie’s where it’s at.

I want to give a huge THANK YOU to everyone who nominated my blog writing for a Yeggie. My blog, Wanted, Chosen, Planned – Life after the Loss of a Child, made the shortlist for the category Best in Family & Parenting.

First of all I want to say that writing about my late son Zachary and our family’s journey after his death is more than an honor. Wanted, Chosen, Planned is dedicated to Zachary and I am so thankful that the legacy of his short life is that I may encourage and support others who have also lost a child. It is truly the greatest gift Zachary could have ever given me – apart from his life. I miss him daily but am glad to be making a difference. That part makes me smile. 

Yeggies photo copyright Alexis Marie Chute WRITE BLOG

The category description: The Best in Family or Parenting award is given to those who share insights into their own families or family in general online. They may call themselves Mommy Bloggers or Daddy Bloggers (though of course these categories are medium agnostic). Regardless of self-applied labels, they let us into their homes, and allow us to get to know their families — and perhaps even our own — through storytelling.

No word yet on the date of the awards night, but I’m sure it will be quite a party.