Artists of Many Mediums

I am a multi-medium artist. For this I have no apology.

Recently I found the framed article that I was given when I was named a “Sizzling Twenty Under 30” by Edmontonians Magazine. In rereading the article, one line popped out at me:

“She is noted for her unique way of mixing different art and media forms… deftly combining photography, painting, drawing and even adding pieces with her sewing machine.”


Some things never change. My mixed media compulsion is a part of who I am, inseparable from my artistic practice and unrelenting to the critics that exhort, “Pick one medium and stick with it.”


Yes, it’s true that if one spreads themselves too thin, the whole can suffer. Yet, if that someone can excel in different areas, I believe they should carry on. Even if they fail, so what? They tried. Freedom to experiment and think outside the box are values I cherish in my work and I encourage others to embrace as well. Honestly, it’s a reflection of our times. What job out there is singular in its focus? Not many I wager. People are expected to multitask whether they like it or not. (I happen to like it.)

I love the variety of my artistic approaches. When a concept calls to me, I respond by creating artwork that makes sense – which may be wood sculpture, painting, photography, writing or a combination of them all. I am not suggesting every artist juggle all these mediums, but it’s my style – and I chose to believe in myself and understand that not everyone will appreciate my work (though I am immensely grateful for those that do).

My current exhibition at Harcourt House Gallery and Artist Run Centre (on until November 29, 2013 before it travels to Calgary in February 2014) reflects my style to a tee. Many artistic mediums interconnect to form “The Quiet Rebuild,” a visual (and literary) picture of the resilience of the human spirit in the face of hardship.

The issue of being ‘mixed-medium’ was referenced in the latest issue of Vanity Fair (December 2013) in the article, “Paint by Numbers,” by Mark Stevens. The article asked the question, “Who is the greatest living artist?” The survey of top individuals in the field resulted with a list of some of the most incredible and visionary artists of our time. The top six included:


  1. Gerhard Richter

  2. Jasper Johns

  3. Richard Serra

  4. Bruce Nauman

  5. Cindy Sherman

  6. Ellsworth Kelly


I was wildly encouraged by Stevens’ article as he commented on some of the artists that made the top of the list. Gerhard Richter is commended for being a “chameleon” of artistic styles within his painting and that his shift between approaches in his work does not diminish any of it. Stevens wrote, of Richter’s varied artistic style: “He contains contraries, as if no single net can capture the whole truth.”


"Paint by Numbers" Vanity Fair article by Mark Stevens

“Paint by Numbers” Vanity Fair article by Mark Stevens, Dec 2013

Stevens’ article also discussed the multi-faceted approach of Bruce Nauman. Stevens’ wrote: “[Nauman] is not confined to any medium, but adapts his methods to his meanings, shifting easily among performance, video and installations.”


"Paint by Numbers" Vanity Fair article by Mark Stevens

“Paint by Numbers” Vanity Fair article by Mark Stevens, Dec 2013

I hope to one day be included on a list like the one in Vanity Fair, but for now it gives me solace that many of the great living art icons do not limit themselves to one medium. They have branched out, experimented, and rebuked any notion of solidarity of approach. These artists encourage me to stay the course and believe in my work.

Click here to see Vanity Fair’s image gallery of the top 6 artists.

Click here to see who else made the list in the top living artist poll.

University of Alberta rocks the Top 40 Under 40

It is really nice to see how many University of Alberta graduates have remained in Edmonton after their education was complete. These people have worked towards making their city great in so many unique ways. I am honored to be counted amongst these truly amazing individuals.

It was a pleasure to speak with Bryan Alary about my experience as a UofA grad and a Top 40. Here is the article, “Green and Gold shines in Edmonton’s Top 40 Under 40” published online November 21, 2013. I believe the article will also be included in the University’s magazine which is due any day.

Receiving my award from publisher Orville Chub, new Edmonton Mayor Don Iveson, Avenue Magazine editor Steven Sandor, and Minister of Culture Heather Klimchuk

Receiving my award from publisher Orville Chub, new Edmonton Mayor Don Iveson, Avenue Magazine editor Steven Sandor, and Minister of Culture Heather Klimchuk

Alexis Marie Chute, Top 40 Under 40, Avenue Magazine, 2013

Alexis Marie Chute, Top 40 Under 40, Avenue Magazine, 2013

My awesome friends!

My awesome friends!

Watch CTV News at noon

I’m waiting in the green room as I write this, the CTV news at noon show is already on the air. In less than 30 minutes I’ll be talking about my art in “The Quiet Rebuild” and about being named a Top 40 Under 40 by Avenue Magazine.

Thanks for all the love and support from the amazing people in my life who have helped me get to this point. Love and hugs to you all!

Give with Style Today

What better way to put you in the mood for Christmas shopping than a winter wonderland outside? The snowflakes are dancing in the air mischievously and the snow has frosted Edmonton like a cake – BUT it’s never too cold to give with style.

Giving with Style is today. Brave the weather and come.

I am selling gorgeous art-adorned greeting cards, framed paintings and award winning photography (featured on a billboard in Calgary earlier this year as a finalist in the Vistek Emerging Photographer competition).

Brave the roads (drive slow) and find me at this charitable event today. Part of my sales will be donated back to the charities.


Group Exhibition at Method Art Gallery in Arizona


I’m proud to announce that I received a confirmation this morning that I will be a part of a group exhibition called “The Ultimate Composition” which opens December 3, 2013 in Scottsdale Arizona.

Check out the photographs in the show. I have one piece in the show and a second with honorable mention.

Visit Exhibitions to see all upcoming showings of my work.

Why Alexis Marie is an Avenue Magazine Top 40 Under 40 in Edmonton


Artist and Writer honored to be included amongst Avenue Magazine’s Top 40 Under 40 in Edmonton

Any time a person finds themselves on a list of ‘top anything’, it’s usually a good thing. But when that recognition comes from the place and people that fuel and nurture the work itself, that acknowledgment is all that much sweeter. So Alexis Marie Chute’s inclusion in Avenue magazine’s 2013 “Top 40 Under 40” sits high amongst the honors she has received for her work as an artist, writer, and volunteer.

Alexis Marie Chute Portrait - Top 40 Press ReleaseChute hasn’t been told who nominated her, but it’s difficult to see how she wouldn’t be recognized as one of Edmonton’s best and brightest. Chute has been a high profile artist in the city for many years, exhibiting in dozens of venues at home and abroad, teaching children about the importance of art in their lives, being named an “Emerging Canadian Photographer” by PhotoLife Magazine, and most recently acting as Harcourt House’s Artist-in-Residence. Chute’s solo exhibition, “The Quiet Rebuild,” can be viewed in the Harcourt House Gallery until November 29, 2013.

Through it all, Edmonton has been central to Chute’s personal and professional development. “The city has been so good to me, both directly and indirectly. I don’t think of Edmonton just as my home, but as my community—something that runs much deeper and is so much more important.”

Chute’s involvement in the Edmonton community also extends into the personal realm as she reaches out to bereaved families since the loss of her own son Zachary in 2010, just moments after his birth. Instead of retreating into her grief, Chute’s instinct was to encourage others who have experienced a similar loss. Apart from inspiring her own visual art, the experience saw her helping others use artistic expression as a way of coping with loss and becoming involved with recovery groups in the area along with speaking and teaching engagements.

“It’s my honor to give back to a place that has given me so much.”

Giving with Style this Holiday Season


Last year I sold my art at a fabulous event called Giving with Style and it’s that time of year again. Giving with Style is the best way to kick off the holiday season as supporting a good cause is the best type of generosity as it will live longer in the world than a traditional gift. Helping others is extremely rewarding.


At Giving with Style attendees can give to two charities: the Hand Up Leadership Development Program AND Stepping Stones. There will be artwork for sale by a select group of Edmonton artists as well as other beautiful handmade and locally designed products such as jewelry and seasonal items. Purchase gifts for the holidays and a portion of the sale will be donated back to the charities by the vendors.


I will be exhibiting and selling some of my brand new, never before seen paintings, wood sculptures and new art cards. Plus, I will reveal my secret hobby – candle making – they smell delicious and bring my colorful artwork into the realm of stylish décor.  Come find me and say hi!

Giving With Style 2013_Page_2

Giving with Style

Saturday,  November 16, 2013


McElheran’s Fine Furniture Showroom

10114-124 Street, Edmonton (free parking)

$25 per person which includes:

–       Gourmet appetizers, chocolate & cheese

–       Live music with Matt Day and Bare ‘n Von Hair Musical Humor Duo (

–       Wine tasting with tutorials & pairings

–       Christmas photo booth

–       The chance to win fabulous door prizes

Buy tickets by phoning 780-887-2978 or online

I look forward to seeing you there!