Upcoming Fine Art Photo Exhibits


Winter Salon

Group Exhibition

Photohaus Gallery

14 West 7th

Vancouver, British Columbia

Opening Reception: December 14, 2012

Exhibtion runs the month of December, 2012

View the online gallery for the exhibition to see the works exhibited.





Artist Lens

Group Exhibition

By The Alberta Society of Artists

Artpoint Gallery

1139-11th St SE (Adelaide St.)

Calgary, Alberta

Opening Reception: Friday, February 8, 2012 from 5-9pm

Exhibition runs the month of February




Unfulfilled Precognition

Solo Exhibition

Kiwanis Gallery

In the Red Deer Public Library

4818-49 Street

Red Deer, Alberta

Opening Reception: Friday, November 7, 2014

Exhibition runs: October 21 to November 23, 2014


I Eat at Vi’s for Pies after Gallery Openings

This is not a shameless plug – I am not even getting paid (but maybe I should…). I just wanted to share with the world (and specifically Edmonton #yeg) my love and appreciation for Vi’s for Pies.

Vi’s for Pies is a little café style joint I learned about through friends. We went to a Harcourt House gallery opening in October and then chose Vi’s for desert afterwards. I immediately fell in love with their cozy atmosphere and their chocolate caramel cake (triple yum!).

Harcourt House has an opening tomorrow, Thursday December 6. Come here artist’s Marie De Sousa talk about her show “In Material” at 7pm and Corey Hardeman discusses his work “Rooted” at 7:30. Opening reception 8-10pm.  THEN, join me at Vi’s for Pies!

Vi’s for Pies

13408 Stony Plain Rd NW (780) 454-4300


Tue-Thu 9 am – 10 pm

Fri 9 am – 11 pm

Sat 10 am – 11 pm

Sun 10 am – 4 pm


Harcourt House

10215 112 Street Northwest

Edmonton, AB T5K 1M7

(780) 426-4180

Harcourt House AIR Update

My wood sculptures are growing in width and height – and even colour! I have finished a small but complex piece and am breezing along with another that will end up being as tall as I am!

This week I will be building large stretchers, about 6 x7 feet, and stretching them with unprimed canvas. With these I will be creating my ‘forest’ so to speak. Likely by the New Year the walls of my studio will be transformed with colour and paintings of the evolution of the natural life of a forest through growth, fire and regrowth.

Wood pieces sit drying after being glued. Photo copyright Alexis Marie Chute

I have met a few other artists in the Harcourt House Annex and have come to feel so at home in my studio already. I want each moment of my residency to stretch out as long as possible – it is a dream come true and I love every second!

Little glued pieces wait to be used in my sculptures. Photo copyright Alexis Marie Chute

(AIR = Artist in Residence)

Wood Sculptures “A Visual Delight”


Bleeding Heart Gallery on Alberta Ave exhibited two of my wood sculptures at their inaugural art show at the end of November. It was great to be present at the opening reception and be a part of launching a new alternative space while connecting with local art lovers.

I met one sweet gal named, Rebekah Sherman, at the gallery that night. She is a children’s pastor and I noticed her enjoying my sculptures. I asked her what she thought and Rebekah has kindly emailed me what she had said that night:

“I saw Alexis Marie’s two sculptures, before they were exhibited, sitting at the entrance of the gallery.  I was drawn to them instantly.  I seem to have a magnetic attraction to art that is wrought from raw, natural materials- especially wood.  The teetering structure of naked wood struck me as both whimsical and calculated.”

“The pieces, carefully balanced and angled, reached up with possibility.  Anchored on a dark, rich base of a tree stump, the pale remnants have permission to be frail and grow. The juxtaposition of this weathered stump, weighty with character and history, with the stark, thinly manufactured fragments of wood, is gripping.”

“It’s as if Alexis Marie has managed to keep a castle of cards suspended gracefully in time. A visual delight.”


Wood sculpture by Alexis Marie Chute

It was a pleasure connecting with Rebekah and others that night. I feel encouraged with the direction of my current work at Harcourt House and excited to develop my concept further.

Here are some photos from the opening of “Let’s Begin” group exhibition.


Aaron Vanimere, the exhibition curator, and me at the busy opening reception.


My wonderful hubby, Aaron Chute, and our friend Geoff Abma listen to the welcoming remarks.

Geoff’s lovely wife and my awesome friend and fellow artist, Alicia Abma.

My friends and I by my two sculptures on exhibit at “Let’s Begin.”

My friends Neil & Aimee Diewert came along with their happy one year old, Anthony.